Wow! Trump Prank HUMILIATES Top Dem

Trump Prank Call

California Rep. Adam Schiff has spent the past year trying to ruin President Donald Trump.

He bent over backwards trying to prevent the release of a memo proving that the Obama Administration illegally spied on Trump’s campaign.

So how badly does Schiff want to take down Trump?

Bad enough that Schiff fell for a prank phone call that wouldn’t have fooled a schoolkid.


The Daily Mail recently released a mind-boggling phone call that Schiff accepted last year.

The caller promised to provide nude photos of Trump (taken by a Russian model) that could be used to blackmail the commander-in-chief.

Now this is the point where most sane people would have hung up the phone.

Nude photos… a blackmail plot… all discussed over a non-secure phone line with a complete stranger.

But Schiff was so blinded by his hatred for Trump that he fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The caller was actually two callers – Russian pranksters Vladimir "Vovan" Kuznetsov and Alexey "Lexus" Stolyarov. The men have created a cottage industry out of prank calling members of the United States Congress.

Of course, their story was total garbage… and they never expected Schiff to fall for it.

"We wanted to talk to someone who specifically works on intelligence and give him a completely insane version of events," Kuznetsov said, calling the phone call “completely absurd.”

But Schiff jumped on what the Russians were selling… FAST.

He stayed on the call for eight minutes (it’s a wonder the Russians didn’t run out of material) and called the information “very helpful.”

Very helpful to whom?

Schiff even expressed interest in getting his hands on the scandalous photos (which, of course, don’t exist).

“We will try to work with the FBI to figure out, along with your staff, how we can obtain copies,” Schiff said.

The Russians were stunned.

"This would never happen in Russia," Stolyarov said. "People wouldn’t be so trusting.”

Or maybe the difference is that Trump’s Congressional enemies are so obsessed with destroying him that they’ll say or do anything.

And that includes taking (and believing) ridiculous phone calls that end up making people like Schiff look like fools.


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