It’s a routine that’s become predictable… and pathetic.

Every time President Donald Trump tries to do something to help average Americans, his enemies lose their minds.

Even when Trump is 100% right.

Trump opponents… and even some members of the Republican Party… threw a fit when he recently suggested imposing 25% tariffs on steel products and 10% on aluminum.

They complained about a potential trade war, or the impact on global stock markets.

But here’s what they WON’T tell you. Trump is proving once again that he’s an economic and political genius.

Here are five things he knows that the mainstream media… and his enemies… still don’t realize:


  • America needs an economic transition – not just a stock market bump



U.S. and Asian stock markets were predictably down in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s announcement. And you can almost here The Donald asking, “So what?”

Stocks were down because companies with international ties are worried about paying more for raw goods. But that’s not Trump’s problem.

He was elected to bring manufacturing jobs back to America – not to keep Wall Street millionaire investors happy. Ignoring the chance to create American jobs, all to keep rich corporations and investors satisfied, is exactly the short-term thinking that got America into trouble.

And Trump isn’t having it.


  • Trump knows America can’t lose a trade war



The European Union and China are threatening retaliatory tariffs. If the rest of the world wants to start a trade war with America… the largest purchaser of consumer goods on Earth… have at it.

Let’s see how Asian and European companies fare when they can’t sell to American consumers. The talk about trade wars is all bluff, and Trump is smart enough to know it.


  • Guaranteeing a level playing field creates jobs



Trump said it over and over again throughout his 2016 campaign. His number-one priority is jobs… and more jobs.

Century Aluminum in Kentucky has already announced it will create an additional 300 jobs in the wake of Trump’s tariffs announcement. These jobs pay an average of $90,000 a year.


  • Foreign countries are robbing us blind with tariffs



Countries like China are levying tariffs of up to 30% on American goods like motorcycles and electronic products. America is facing tariffs on its products all over the world.

And China is so heavily subsidizing its aluminum industry that it’s selling metal for cheaper than we can make it.

Foreign countries have been taking advantage of America for years. As conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan pointed out, Japan built its entire post-war economy by imposing tariffs on U.S. goods and dumping cheap (and tariff-free) products on American consumers.

American tariffs can either level the playing field… or, the threat of tariffs can help Trump renegotiate better trade deals.

He’s already promised tariff relief in exchange for a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump knows that tariffs are a powerful negotiating tool – and he’s the master of the deal.


  • Trump is guaranteeing his own re-election in 2020



This is probably what bothers Trump’s enemies the most. Trump won the 2016 election thanks to manufacturing and Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Democrats know they can’t defeat Trump in 2020 unless they flip these states. Protecting and growing manufacturing jobs will help Trump ensure he carries these states again when he runs for re-election in 2020.

Love him or hate him, Trump knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. And by the time his enemies figure it out, it’s usually too late.

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