[WINNING] China BEGS Trump to Negotiate


China has been bullying American presidents for decades.

Now, China has met it match with President Donald Trump – and Chinese leaders are starting to realize it.

Trump is on the verge of dragging China to the negotiating table – and getting a GREAT deal for American businesses, consumers, and workers.

But, of course, the media isn’t reporting it.

On Thursday, Trump announced that he was considering imposing $100 billion in tariffs on China, upping the ante from his initial proposal of $50 billion.

Of course, China immediately retaliated by saying it would slap additional 25 percent tariffs on a range of goods it imports from the U.S., including soybeans, cars and planes.

Now, that’s what’s happening PUBLICLY.

Behind the scenes is a whole different story.

Trump is throwing out massive tariff figures to apply pressure to the Chinese and force them to negotiate.

And there are clear signs that Trump’s strategy is already working. In fact, China appears to be BEGGING the United States for negotiations.

First, China has filed a request for consultation on the United States’ tariff plans with the World Trade Organization. China is trying to use the WTO to spur talks with America.

Second, while China has published a list of goods that it would slap with tariffs, the country has refused to allow the tariffs to take effect yet. Experts are saying that China is sending a clear signal that it wants to negotiate.

Third, Zhu Guangyao, China’s vice-minister for finance, has just called for talks to de-escalate the tension.

“Both sides have put questions on the table, now it is time to negotiate for cooperation. But it should have one precondition – mutual respect, not enforcing or improperly imposing conditions by one side to the other side,” he said.

This is EXACTLY what Trump has always wanted. He’s not starting a trade war – he’s trying to force China to the bargaining table.

And let’s be clear. NONE of this would be happening without Trump’s tariff threats.

With no tariff threat on the table, China would feel like it had nothing to gain by opening trade talks with America.

And Trump has been very strategic in how he’d structure American tariffs on Chinese goods, so China would feel the pinch much more than Americans.

You can bet that has China sweating, too.

Tommy Wu, a senior economist at Oxford Economics, said the U.S. tariff list would have a minimal impact on GDP… and that it had been carefully thought out.

“The U.S. Trade Representative is targeting advanced sectors in which China wants to become a global leader, rather than imports that are used to make U.S. branded products”, he said.

“Trump is sort of like upping the ante. He will throw some proposals out as he tries to reach a better deal.”

Despite his naysayers, President Trump is once again proving he is the master of the deal… and China is getting a first-hand lesson!


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