This Will Be the Worst Week of Obama’s Life (Here’s Why)


He’s only been out of office for a year – but former President Barack Obama’s legacy is already in tatters.

We’ve learned about secret deals with American arch-enemy Iran… and deep corruption in the Obama Department of Justice.

But this week is shaping up to be the worst week of Obama’s life – and the week that will ruin his reputation forever.

It’s become clear that Obama was running a seemingly illegal domestic spying program, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the Soviet KGB.

And Obama’s chickens are about to come home to roost.

A bombshell four-page memo has been circulating around Congress over the past several days, and will likely be released this week. It reportedly contains detailed information about widespread abuses within the Obama-era Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

We don’t yet know exactly what the memo says, but members of Congress have been dropping serious hints in recent news interviews.

First, the memo reportedly details the role that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton played in the creation of the infamous and discredited “Trump Dossier.”

The Trump Dossier is filled with scandalous allegations about everything from President Donald Trump’s business dealings to his sex life. And we learned late last year that it was funded by the Clinton campaign.

Unfortunately, Clinton will likely catch limited flak when the memo is released. That’s because most thinking Americans saw her slimy fingerprints all over the dossier the minute it was published – there’s not much “news” there.

But the real scandal is that the Obama Administration reportedly used the document to begin surveillance on Trump’s presidential campaign.

This was apparently done without ever checking to see if any of the information in the document was credible.

The surveillance program, which is allegedly detailed in the memo, was reportedly done under a FISA warrant. Of course, the purpose of FISA is to monitor potential terrorists and other foreign powers – not to conduct major surveillance on the president’s political enemies.

And let’s be clear on one thing – the memo WILL be released. The American public already knows about it, Trump wants it released, and it will be impossible to keep it a secret.

Once the memo is released, it will be a disaster for Obama.

It will prove that he was manipulated by one candidate (Clinton) into spying on another (Trump). After all, the Trump Dossier is, at its core, a Clinton campaign document.

The memo will likely reveal that Obama committed unprecedented interference into a U.S. presidential election at Clinton’s behest. And this may be just one of the Obama FISA abuses detailed in the memo.

Expect the memo to be released any day (there are even calls for Trump to read it in this week’s State of the Union address).

And once the memo is out, it’s going to be a very bad week for Obama.

He deserves it.

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