Whoa! CIA Reveals CRAZY “Love Child” Plot


There’s a reason that so many of the Central Intelligence Agency’s activities are classified.

Because we wouldn’t believe half of what the CIA is up to, even if we knew.

Now, one of the wildest plots in CIA history has finally been declassified.

It involves a despotic world leader… a famous actress… a love child born with a serious birth defect… and murder.

A declassified government document, first reported by USA Today, spells out all the sordid details of the CIA’s “love child” plot.

Apparently the scheme started in 1959, when King Hussein, the recently divorced leader of Jordan, made a visit to Los Angeles.

But Hussein wasn’t just there on business.

Hussein desired female company – and the CIA, desperate to curry favor with Jordan, set about making it happen.

The king, “was especially desirous of female companionship during his Los Angeles visit, and it was requested that appropriate arrangements be made through [the CIA] in order to assure a satisfied visit,” the government memo reports.

From there, things spun completely out of hand.

The CIA connected Hussein with Hollywood actress Susan Cabot, and the two allegedly began an affair that lasted years.

A man known as a “fixer” for billionaire Howard Hughes was even used to get Hussein and Cabot together.

The details of Hussein’s and Cabot’s CIA-encouraged liaisons were apparently kept under wraps, as Cabot was Jewish – which would have caused serious problems in predominantly Muslim Jordan.

But the relationship produced a “love child” son, Timothy, who was born with a type of dwarfism. Hussein sent money that appears to have been child support for years.

The King of Jordan quietly paying child support to an American actress?

The story was strange enough… but then it took another dark turn.

Timothy was sent to prison after bludgeoning his mother, Susan Cabot, to death in 1986.

The apparent son of the King of Jordan murdered the king’s lover on American soil. And unless you were in the CIA, you didn’t know a thing about it.

Timothy claimed he was driven insane by the growth hormones he’d taken throughout his life.

A world leader looking for sex… a Hollywood starlet… and an unintended murder. It’s just another CIA plot that eventually got out of hand.

The details of the relationship between Hussein and Cabot emerged as part of a massive dump of documents that occurred when material about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy was recently declassified.

And while the murder of Susan Cabot made headlines in the 1980s, nobody knew about the connection to King Hussein and the CIA… until now.

It’s a tragic tale that was kept secret for decades. And who knows how many other tragic tales are buried in the CIA archives?

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