[WATCH] The Richard Nixon Tape Nancy Pelosi Will Do ANYTHING to Hide

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has launched an all-out WAR against President Trump… and she will do whatever it takes to move impeachment forward and boot him out of office.

But someone close to Richard Nixon (who knew a thing or two about impeachment), just revealed why Pelosi’s efforts to impeach Trump will not only fail… but could DESTROY the entire Democratic Party.

As first reported by The Gateway Pundit, Richard Nixon’s son-in-law Ed Cox joined Fox and Friends on Monday morning to discuss the Trump impeachment circus.

As impeachment hearings continue this week, Cox called the latest show trials as a “disaster” for Democrats. He encouraged President Trump to fight his way through the highly partisan impeachment proceedings.

Cox also said this on Pelosi’s show trials, “It’s a disaster for her party come 2020.”

Cox continued by saying Trump will be reelected thanks to the terrific economy.

Cox knows what Nixon went through, and believes that Trump has what it takes to fight through the smear job in the media and continue to be the country’s president.

Check out Cox’s entire interview here.

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