[WATCH] Racist Congresswoman Goes to WAR Against Christians

Democrats are the first ones to point their fingers and call President Donald Trump a bad man. They call him a bigot, a racist and countless others.

But what do the “do-gooder” Democrats do when someone in their own party attacks a group of people based on their race or beliefs…. NOTHING.

And that needs to change.

And just when we thought freshmen Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has gone too far with her anti-Semitic agenda… she shocks us once again.

As first reported by The Daily Wire, Omar attacked Christian people on the floor in the House of Representatives for their advocacy on pro-life stances on abortion.

Omar began by ranting, "I rise today to defy the horrifying attacks happening against women's reproductive rights all across this country…Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women… The recent efforts like those in Alabama, in Georgia, are only the latest in a long history of efforts to criminalize women for simply existing, to punish us when we don't conform to their attempts to control us.”

She continued by stating…"But because it's happening here with the support of the ultra-conservative religious right, we call it religious freedom… Let's just be honest, for the religious Right this isn't simply about their care or concern for life. If they cared about or were concerned about children, they would be concerned about the children that are being detained and those that are dying in camps across our borders, or the children who are languishing in hunger and facing homelessness."

Ironically, the congresswoman also said the following which could easily strike a nerve if you’ve been following her anti-Semitic comments…

"I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith and pushing that on to other people because we know those so-called religious politicians, when it comes to their life, their choices, they want to talk about freedom.”

Wake up call congresswoman! You are one of those very despicable religious politicians you speak of.

Check out her full attack on camera below.

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