Trump’s State of the Union MIRACLE (Media Won’t Cover)

President Donald Trump spoke for more than an hour last night in his first State of the Union address.

He called for unity, a massive investment in creating jobs, and American resolve in the face of foreign threats.

Trump also pulled off one of the greatest political miracles in the modern history of the State of the Union.

But you’ll NEVER hear the mainstream media give him any credit for it.

Of course, many liberal talking heads were bashing Trump’s speech the moment it ended – and we all knew that was going to happen.

But a poll from CNN of all places told a MUCH different story.

Seventy percent of Americans surveyed said they had a positive reaction to Trump’s speech (48% “very positive” and 22% “somewhat positive”).

Another poll by CBS found 75% of Americans surveyed approved of Trump’s speech.

Naturally, these weren’t the numbers that the press was expecting. And even CNN immediately went about trying to discredit its own poll.

CNN pointed out that the approval rate for Trump’s speech was lower than what his predecessors Barack Obama and George W. Bush received for their first State of the Union addresses.

But here’s the million-dollar question: SO WHAT?

First of all, take any research from CNN with a grain (make that a barrel) of salt. This is the same network that predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency in a landslide, and they’re notoriously TERRIBLE at locating and polling Trump supporters.

Second, Trump’s 70% approval rate isn’t just impressive – IT’S A DARNED MIRACLE!

In the months leading up to the State of the Union, Trump was the victim of an onslaught of negative media coverage like we haven’t seen in recent history.

A Pew Research Center study found that the media coverage of Trump’s first year in office was three times more negative than anything Obama received, and more than twice as negative as the coverage of Bush.

Furthermore, 42% of the media coverage during Obama’s first year was clearly positive, compared to 5%... yes, you read that right, 5%... for Trump.

In other words, the media did everything in its power to poison the well for Trump. They gave him 5% positive media coverage in the months leading up to the State of the Union, and he still got 70% to 75% positive reviews for his speech.

Again, that’s not just impressive – that’s a MIRACLE.

Another interesting tidbit from the CNN poll. You know that whole media narrative that American voters were somehow happier with Obama?

Total garbage.

Obama’s final State of the Union address, delivered in 2016, received a STATISTICALLY IDENTICAL approval rate as Trump’s speech last night (the approval ratings for both speeches are within the survey’s margin of error).

Trump’s speech proved that the media is completely out of touch with American voters and their values. When given a fair opportunity to hear Trump’s ideas, without those ideas being filtered through a biased media lens, voters like what Trump stands for.

It’s too bad that Trump had to pull off a miracle to prove that.

But he did.

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