Trump’s GENIUS Move Has China Panicking

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It’s a lesson that business rivals and political opponents have learned the hard way – and now the Chinese government has learned it, too.

Underestimate President Donald Trump at your own peril.

Trump has just pulled off a brilliant move that has Chinese government officials panicking.

And it could bring North Korea to its knees and save American lives.

The United States government has just released satellite photos proving that China has been illegally selling oil to North Korea, in defiance of United Nations sanctions.

The images, released by the U.S. Department of Treasury, were taken in October and show China selling the oil in the West Sea at least 30 times.

But if you think that Trump just came into possession of the photos now… or that their recent release was coincidental… well, we have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Trump and the U.S. government have known for years that China was violating UN sanctions and trading with North Korea.

But Trump just released the photos now for two vital and strategic reasons – to get China to back down, and to cripple the North Korean economy.

North Korea has conducted a series of recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

Trump is eager for sanctions to fully take effect and to weaken North Korea. That could force North Korea to the bargaining table – or at least severely hamper the rogue nation in case military intervention by the United States is necessary.

But military intervention could be much more difficult if China continues to support North Korea, as the United States learned during the Korean War.

By publicly outing China for violating UN sanctions (and by sending the message that the U.S. is watching) Trump is hoping to bring dealings between China and North Korea to a standstill – or to at least significantly limit their scope.

That leaves North Korea incredibly vulnerable, and gives Trump a window to act.

Working to remove China from the equation is a political master stroke that will be incredibly tough on North Korea – and that could save American lives in the case of military conflict.

As usual, the mainstream media is giving Trump no credit for the move. But as the dominos start to fall in North Korea in the coming months, Trump’s public outing of China is going to look smarter and smarter by the day.

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