Trump Plots State of the Union SHOCKERS


President Donald Trump will make the biggest speech of his political career when he delivers his first State of the Union address tonight.

But don’t expect it to be like anything you’ve seen before.

Trump is the constant showman, and his speech is guaranteed to be full of fireworks and shockers that his opponents won’t see coming.

Here are our predictions for five things that will happen tonight that will leave the mainstream media stunned… and that will leave Trump’s enemies speechless.

#5 Expect Melania Trump Front and Center

The mainstream media has practically made a sport out of speculating about the Trumps’ marriage. Are they holding hands when they should be? Are they affectionate enough? Did President Trump have an affair more than a decade ago?

But expect Melania Trump to do what she’s always done – support her husband. Melania Trump will play a prominent role during the address and will handle her First Lady duties with dignity and class, as always.

#4 The Standing Ovation That Will HAUNT Democrats

The stock market has reached record highs, jobs are being created, and unemployment rates are dropping.

Trump will tout the red-hot economy, as he has every right to. And this will lead to standing ovations from Republican members of Congress – but not Democrats.

The Democrats refusing to cheer a strong economy – that’s benefiting so many hard-working Americans – will be a terrible look. Democrats will appear out of touch (and anti-American), and you can expect this indifference to haunt them in the 2018 elections.

#3 Trump’s Illegal Immigration Check-Mate

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is expected to fill State of the Union seats with illegal immigrants. But Trump is ready for that – and it’s going to blow back on Pelosi big-time.

Because Trump has invited a guest of his own – a woman whose daughter was killed by MS-13, a Salvadoran gang that has flourished in America thanks to illegal immigration. Trump has invited an agent from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), too.

It’ll be the perfect way for Trump to reinforce his commonsense message on illegal immigration. He’s not against LEGAL immigration – he wants the criminals out, and wants to prioritize protecting American citizens.

#2 Trump Won’t Read the FISA Memo… But He’ll Sure Talk About It

The House Intelligence Committee voted yesterday to release a bombshell four-page memo. It apparently details, among other things, illegal surveillance of Trump’s campaign during the 2016 presidential elections.

The Obama Administration surveillance (done under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA), was purportedly conducted using campaign materials from Trump rival Hillary Clinton. Obama and Clinton using FISA to spy on their political enemies will be a major embarrassment for Democrats.

There have even been calls for Trump to read the memo in its entirely during his speech. It’s unlikely that Trump will do that.

But he wants the memo publicly released (and is expected to give final approval for its release in the coming days). Don’t expect Trump to miss a chance to whet America’s appetite for what the memo will reveal.

#1 The Outburst That Will Make America Cringe

We REALLY hope this doesn’t happen…

The State of the Union address is typically a time when standards for decorum and decency are observed by both parties. But that’s probably out the window this year.

Many leading Democratic members of Congress have practically become unhinged since Trump took office. They’ve introduced Articles of Impeachment that had no support, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters was even caught pushing impeachment at a funeral.

Some of the worst Congressional troublemakers have already declared that they won’t attend the State of the Union. But we’re still expecting at least one pathetic, publicity-seeking outburst. And it will make real Americans cringe.

At the end of the day, we expect that Trump’s first State of the Union will be a success, and will go over well with average Americans. Even the Trump-hating media will have to admit it.

Every time Trump has a big, public stage, he defies expectations. That’s because the media has worked diligently to portray Trump as callous… or a racist… or a Nazi… or a tyrant.

But those caricatures of Trump don’t hold up to scrutiny or reality. The State of the Union will reveal Trump for what he is – a patriotic American working hard to make this country great again.

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