Trump Launching NEW Political Campaign? (It’s NOT For President)

Donald Trump stunned the political world back in 2016.

He did the unthinkable (at least according to the liberal media) and defeated political-lifer Hillary Clinton to become president.

And as Trump digs in his heels at re-election in the 2020 presidential election, The White House may just be the beginning of a Trump political dynasty.

And the country’s biggest, most influential city may be next in line for Trump.

According to a recent report from The New York Post's gossip column, Page Six, President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., may be considering a bid to replace Bill de Blasio as New York City mayor.

The Post report suggests that Trump Jr. is putting feelers out to gauge whether it's worth it to make a bid for NYC's top office.

"Political families beget dynasties. Take Gov. Mario Cuomo’s kid, Gov. Andrew. Add a pile of Roosevelts, wall-to-wall Kennedys, more Bushes than they have in Cypress. Clintons might gear Chelsea for office. We had multiple Daleys in Chicago, assorted Tafts from Ohio, Jerry Brown and daddy Pat both grabbed California governorships. Plus leave us not overlook those Rockefellers," the Post says. "Comes now Donald Trump’s son. Drums are beating that Donald Jr. would like to run for mayor. Of where? Where else?"

Donald Trump has long expressed interest in being mayor of New York City, but it appears that time has passed and that dream may passed to Trump Jr.

But what about NYC’s current mayor, Bill de Blasio?

He is a staunch enemy of the Trump family and is out on the trail campaigning for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, despite his lack of popularity in his own city.

According to Politico, de Blasio's campaign has been centered on attacking Donald Trump, while that's doing little to attract people to his cause, it is stoking the flames of a feud between de Blasio and the White House.

And while New Yorkers are not high on de Blasio, it would still be a tough road for Trump Jr. should he run for mayor as the Trump name is now synonymous with the Republican Party, and NYC isn't likely to elect a Republican, no matter which name the "R" on the ballot comes after, this according to a piece from The Daily Wire.

But here’s one thing we know about the Trump family. Don’t count them out, even if the odds are stacked against them.

Remember when Donald Trump didn’t stance a chance against Hillary Clinton? We sure do!

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