Trump FREES 77 Year-old Veteran (And Why Obama Locked Him Up)

Meeting of the President of the United States Donald Trump with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

Democrats SWEAR former President Barack Obama was the “nice guy.”

But many forget – or didn’t even bother to find out – just how many of his ridiculous policies negatively impacted every day Americans.

Even worse, how many of Obama’s actions wrongfully imprisoned law-abiding citizens.

Like The Clean Water Rule, or “Waters of the US” rule that the Obama administration pushed in 2015.

The “WOTUS” rule was an attempt to clarify which waters were subject to the regulations of the Clean Water Act according to the Daily Caller. But more importantly it ended up threatening farmers and other landowners with fines and even jail time if they failed to comply with the regulations… which were not made entirely clear to them to begin with.

Take John Duarte for example… The federal government sued Mr. Duarte for a whopping $2.8 MILLION for plowing his own land without a permit because he resided on seasonal wetlands, according to the report.

Which is exactly why President Trump and his administration have worked tirelessly to get rid of such a ridiculous rule.

The Daily Caller reported that the Trump administration is officially rolling back the Obama-era environmental mess.

The move on behalf of the Trump administration is not only considered a win for landowners, it’s already changing lives.

A White House official told reporters, “Today, the Trump Administration announced its repeal of President Obama oppressive WOTUS regulation. For years, this rule has been used by government agencies to punish farmers and private land owners with out-of-control fines and imprisonment for simply working to protect or better their property. This is another promise kept for our farmers and ranchers as President Trump continues to remove crushing regulations from the American people.”

And the Trump administration doesn’t plan on wasting any time…

A 2016 case left 77-year-old Navy veteran, Joe Robertson thrown in jail after being criminally prosecuted for… digging ponds around his home. Not only was he digging on his own private property, but he was doing so to protect his home from wildfires in Montana.

He was prosecuted when officials realized the ponds were connected to a foot-wide “river,” and the EPA decided he was digging too close to “navigable water” without a permit.

At the time of Obama’s administration decision to implement the rule, they claimed they were doing so to protect U.S. waterways from pollution.

But anyone can see that Mr. Robertson had NO plans of polluting the waterways, just protecting his home and his own life.

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