Trump Exposes Massive Taxpayer FRAUD Scheme?

Remember when President Trump promised voters he would ‘drain the swamp’?

His enemies laughed at him, and his critics called it a joke.

But Trump knew corruption was running rampant in Washington D.C. And he would do everything in his power to stop it and expose the truth.

And once again, Trump is delivering on that promise.

Case in point, The Daily Caller just reported that the Interior Department will create and release a website with public attorneys’ fees paid out in legal settlements, mainly environmentalists.

Fees that are costing American taxpayers MILLIONS.

According to a recent memo from Principal Deputy Solicitor Daniel Jorjani, the website will be up and running in 30 days to publicly list details of legal cases. Which according to the agency, is a huge step to correcting a problem the public isn’t even aware of.

“This is a big deal that will shed light on the millions of dollars the DOI pays out every year in attorneys’ fees… This is your tax money and only by shining a light on this process ca you decide if it is being put to good use,” said an Interior Department official.

According to the report, Environmental groups have been one of the biggest abusers of this situation in using “citizen suits” to sue the federal government in order for them to take action, then having them cover the fees… with YOUR tax dollars.

In fact, groups like this have made tens of millions of dollars off this “scheme”.

And thanks to a 2016 Daily Caller News Foundation, data showed that federal agencies paid out “$49 million for 512 citizen suits filed under three major environmental laws during the Obama administration.”

These include, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act (ESA).

But for too long now, the Interior Department has been a target for these environmental activists to take advantage of. As reported, the groups sue under the ESA, then get their attorneys’ fees paid at taxpayer expense once litigation ends.

The group Earthjustice, brought in more than $2.3 million from taxpayers by suing the Interior Department under the ESA according to the Daily Caller. And the DCNF found that Earthjustice can more than pay for their own attorney fees as the group’s net assets totaled $68 million in 2015.

Then there’s the Center for Biological Diversity who has sued the Trump administration over 100 times. They’ve gotten their attorney’s’ fees paid out from your pocket… the same tax dollars the president has worked hard to put back in your wallet.

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