Trump Book Writer Has a NASTY Secret

Michael Wolff

Liberals are absolutely giddy over a new tell-all book on President Donald Trump that’s going on sale today.

They want you to believe that Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House – a book with scandalous allegations on everything from Trump’s marriage to his hairline – is 100 percent fact.

They’re even claiming that author Michael Wolff is a celebrated and famous journalist.

But “famous” wouldn’t be the right word to describe Wolff – “infamous” is more like it.

In fact, Wolff has been repeatedly accused throughout his career of fabricating quotes and playing fast and loose with facts.

And his newest book doesn’t look any different.

Wolff’s problems started in 1997, after the publication of his book, Burn Rate: How I Survived the Gold Rush Years on the Internet.

Thirteen different people claimed that Wolff changed or outright fabricated their quotes for the book.

Famous book editor Judith Regan called him “grossly irresponsible.” And Internet entrepreneur Isabel Maxwell, one of the subjects of Burn Rate, said she was quoted inaccurately in the book and that Wolff never even took notes.

Fabricating quotes is one of the most serious accusations a journalist can face. Wolff’s career should have been ruined – but instead he got another book deal to smear Trump.

And, unfortunately, it looks like Wolff didn’t clean up his act before writing Fire and Fury about Trump.

Even journalists from some of the most left-leaning news organizations are warning that Fire and Fury may be a steaming pile of nonsense.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman deemed the book “light in fact-checking.”

And Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake said that many of the allegations in Fire and Fury are “literally” unbelievable.

“Wolff has taken some of the most gossiped-about aspects of the Trump White House and put them forward as fact – often plainly stated fact without even anonymous sources cited,” he said.

Worse still, Wolff is once again being accused of fabricating quotes.

Thomas J. Barrack, an adviser to Trump, said a quote attributed to him in the book is “totally false.”

And former Trump adviser and Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon was also reportedly set to refute quotes attributed to him in the book. But Bannon decided not to issue a statement after Trump claimed Bannon had lost his mind, The Hill reported.

Wolff is set to get plenty of airtime as the media eats up the sensational allegations he’s made against Trump in Fire and Fury.

But there’s one fact they won’t want you to know – Wolff’s credibility and reputation are in the toilet.

And Fire and Fury may end up remembered more as a work of fiction than a work of history.

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