Top Democrat Reveals Her Post-Mueller Plans… IMPEACHMENT!

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report came up empty, Democrats were (silently) defeated.

Now, there are NO reasonable grounds left for them to try to impeach President Trump.

But despite party leaders backing down, being the outspoken politician that she has become, socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is STILL calling for the removal of Trump from office.

As first reported by The Daily Caller, the bartender-turned-congresswoman is claiming that Trump should still be impeached regardless of the outcome of Robert Mueller's investigation into the alleged Russian collusion.

Ocasio-Cortez told reporters, “I think that there’s grounds for impeachment even independent of the Mueller report – particularly with the emoluments clause [of the Constitution].”

According to NBC News, this accusation comes shortly after a federal appeals court asked Maryland and DC lawyers about their claims of the president violating the Constitution by accepting “profits” from foreign officials who may stay at Trump properties.

As we’ve seen her do this countless time, she rallies those she thinks she can get on her side...

Dem Rep. Karen Bass recently stated on the matter, “This is about much more than just collusion. And so, from his point of view, he captured that message with just one word. Well, so, from his point of view, it’s all over, but for us it’s about collusion – it's about conspiracy, it’s about corruption, it’s about abuse of power and it’s obstructing justice.”

Although Mueller’s in-depth report found NO collusion, this ideology has been cemented into the far-left.

Rep. Bass also told reporters that it was basically up to the people and the media to decide...

“[The investigations] would suck the air out of the room if we weren’t doing anything, but we actually need all of your help, too, so that when we do pass legislation related to guns, when we do have a hearing over the Violence Against Women Act, when we do have a hearing over of voting rights, that it’s actually covered. So, we’re doing work, but it is a question of what the media chooses to cover.”

This begs the ultimate question for Democrats…

Will Democrats actually stand with the socialist loud-mouth and her pals in an attempt to impeach Trump?  Or will Democratic Party leaders know better and shut her down?

Let’s hope for the later.


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