This Democrat Got Ocasio-Cortez Elected (And Now He’s Regretting It)

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the political world with her stunning New York primary win last June that catapulted her straight to Capitol Hill.

Since then, the nation hasn’t been able to get a break from the bartender-turned-congresswoman.

She’s rallied on her aggressive politics, she’s pushed her ultra-radical agenda and she’s made A LOT of enemies… on both sides of the isle.

But since last June, one person we haven’t heard much from is the veteran politician Ocasio-Cortez beat out in the polls, Joe Crowley.

Now Crowley just confessed he had just what he needed to win that race… but he didn’t use it.

As first reported by the New York Post, Crowley opted against using the dirt he had on Ocasio-Cortez because he swore he had the primary in his pocket and didn’t want to look “weak”.

Crowley reportedly thought he would not only win, but become then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s successor and that was the path he was on, until the socialist superstar defeated him in a shocking upset.

Politico reporters, Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer wrote in their new book “The Hill to Die On,”…

“Crowley had plenty of fodder he could’ve used against Ocasio-Cortez, but his top NEW York campaign operatives decide to take the punches and not his back… It wasn’t just that Crowley didn’t want to go dirty, he thought it would be a sign of weakness in D.C. if he was seen in a tight race against Ocasio-Cortez. He was supposed to be the next Democratic leader, not someone who had to fight for reelection.”

So, what did Crowley have on the Congresswoman?

Ironically, one of the pieces of ammunition he had on Ocasio-Cortez was reportedly the questionable financing practices she is now coming under fire for.

Back then, information like this could’ve seriously hurt Ocasio-Cortez, however now due to her supporters and backing from Democratic leaders it might not be so easy to kick her off her high horse.

All Crowley had to do was release this one simple piece of information…

Instead, Ocasio-Cortez the 29-year-old Congresswoman won the Democratic primary and became the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress.

She’s also the most dangerous.

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