The Three Times Michael Cohen’s Testimony BACKFIRED

The Michael Cohen vs. Donald Trump saga continues…

The former Trump attorney faces some serious jail time… and the only thing that can save him from prison is parading around Capitol Hill at the beck and call of Democrats hell bent on taking down President Trump.

But if Cohen thought buddying up with the Democrats and trashing Trump during yesterday’s congressional testimony would work… he was very WRONG.

According to The Daily Wire, while Cohen testified in Capitol Hill this week, his plan to expose Trump and his administration seemed to have completely backfired… MULTIPLE times.

While Cohen’s statements were prepared by the Democrats no doubt, nothing he stated involved Trump in criminal conduct. Instead, it sounded more like he stood up there and name-called the president. Cohen labeled Trump a racist, called him “manipulative and conceited” and even went as far as detailing an instance where Trump organized the purchase of his own portrait so that it would be the “highest-priced item” at an auction.

Unfortunately for Cohen, none of those qualities make the president guilty under criminal circumstances.

Cohen’s statement goes on about president Trumps character until he hits a few more serious charges. For instance, according to the report, Cohen claimed Trump knew about the Wikileaks dump of DNC emails before:

In July 2016, days before the Democratic convention, I was in Mr. Trump’s office when his secretary announced that Roger Stone was on the phone.

Mr. Trump put Mr. Stone on the speakerphone. Mr. Stone told Mr. Trump that he had just gotten off the phone with Julian Assange and that Mr. Assange told Mr. Stone that, within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Mr. Trump responded by stating to the effect of “wouldn’t that be great.”

And just like that, Cohen confirms Trump had NOTHING to do with orchestrating the publication of the emails. All this confirmed was that the then-candidate was aware of it before it happened – and that’s not a crime.

Then Cohen tried something else…

As Exhibit 5 to my testimony shows, I am providing a copy of a $35,000 check that President Trump personally signed from his personal bank account on August 1, 2017 – when he was President of the United States – pursuant to the cover-up, which was the basis of my guilty plea, to reimburse me — the word used by Mr. Trump’s TV lawyer — for the illegal hush money I paid on his behalf. This $35,000 check was one of 11 check installments that was paid throughout the year – while he was President.

The President of the United States thus wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws. You can find the details of that scheme, directed by Mr. Trump, in the pleadings in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

So picture this scene – in February 2017, one month into his presidency, I’m visiting President Trump in the Oval Office for the first time. It’s truly awe-inspiring, he’s showing me around and pointing to different paintings, and he says to me something to the effect of … Don’t worry, Michael, your January and February reimbursement checks are coming. They were FedExed from New York and it takes a while for that to get through the White House system. As he promised, I received the first check for the reimbursement of $70,000 not long thereafter.

Apparently, Cohen did not realize this would blow up in his face as it is perfectly normal that a wealthy man like Donald Trump paid his personal attorney gobs of money. For what, that would later be determined but brought no serious charges against the president.

But as Cohen had already done this far, he actually provided exonerating information for Trump. As reported by the Daily Wire, Cohen admitted that Trump ‘never expected to win the election,’ and he repeats this statement over and over again. Which in this case made it clear there was no collusion because if Trump never expected to win the election, there was no need for him to “leverage the presidency for financial gain.”

Cohen stated:

To be clear: Mr. Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. He lied about it because he never expected to win the election. He also lied about it because he stood to make hundreds of millions of dollars on the Moscow real estate project.

And so I lied about it, too – because Mr. Trump had made clear to me, through his personal statements to me that we both knew were false and through his lies to the country, that he wanted me to lie. And he made it clear to me because his personal attorneys reviewed my statement before I gave it to Congress.

Cohen went on and on, and PROVED there was no known collusion to charge the president on.

Which means, even after the Democrats had Trump’s ex-right hand man at their disposal, they still couldn’t get anything on him.

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