The GOP’s SECRET Plan to Win 2020

Remember when President Trump tweeted, “Everybody agrees that ObamaCare doesn’t work. Premiums & deductibles are far too high – Really bad HealthCare…”

He was entirely correct and most Americans learned that the hard way.

Ever since the Obama administration, Republicans have lost touch with healthcare and ideas that would appeal to the mass.

In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that “healthcare won” them the midterm elections

But that all changes now.

While the Democrats will continue the charge with voters and their countless policy changes to healthcare, conservative groups are rising to the challenge.

The Daily Caller reported that these groups are crafting a health care plan that will embrace individual choice as opposed to the big government plans proposed by Democrats.

And unlike policies like Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” that would cost Americans trillions… the GOP’s new plan could even put millions back in tax payer’s wallets.

According to the Daily Caller, the activists and researchers known as the “Health Care Consensus Group” have been meeting almost weekly at The Heritage Foundation for the past 18 months coming up with a plan for conservatives to move forward on healthcare.

So far, they’ve come up with the “Health Care Choices Proposal, a detailed plan that instead of replacing Obamacare, reconstructs and tailors it to fit the American consumer in a much more beneficial way.

Better yet, according to the plan by the Center for Health and Economy, the Health Care Choices Proposal would decrease the cost of private insurance plans by up to 32% and decrease federal spending by $22 billion over eight years.

One advocate heavily involved in the plan is Rick Santorum, former Senator and Republican presidential candidate who recently stated, “this is about getting money out of Washington and to the states… My theory is you can’t repeal an entitlement once it’s put into place, but you can make it more effective and efficient and place a budget on it.”

This is what President Trump was talking about when he tweeted…

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