Take Your Pick: The Most ICONIC Presidential Campaign Slogans

“Make America Great Again” – catchy, simple and to the point.

But President Trump wasn’t the first candidate to come up with a memorable slogan.

In fact, some campaign slogans may have even been the reason that particular candidate won the race. It all came down to, who said what and how it connected to the American people at that time.

While candidates these days have moved onto using particular “swag” as their campaign efforts, the catchy slogan is tried and true when it comes to President Trump.

It doesn’t seem that any Democratic contenders have come up with anything that has caught on… perhaps it’s because there’s too many of them, or simply too many ideas to stick to.

But in the meantime, here are the most iconic campaign slogans from U.S. Presidents as reported by The Daily Caller…

"It's Morning Again In America" – Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan's slogan, which was also featured as the first line in his campaign television ad "Prouder, Stronger, Better," promised a future of renewal for the American way of life. The popularity of Reagan's slogan influenced future candidates, like President Donald Trump.

"Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" – William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison's slogan was the first in American presidential campaigns. This catchy phrase partly reminisced over the "Battle of Tippecanoe."

"Change We Can Believe In"— Barack Obama

Kicking off his two-term run, Barack Obama promised positive changes concerning a number of national issues, including health care coverage and employment rates. His message of genneral change resonated with the American people.

"I Still Like Ike"— Dwight D. Eisenhower

After winning a first term with the slogan "I Like Ike," Eisenhower decided to stick with the old classic, adding one word.

"Happy Days Are Here Again" – Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR certainly took the optimistic approach with his slogan, which proved vital in an extremely bleak time in American history.

"It's The Economy Stupid"— Bill Clinton

Short and to the point, this phrase was originally meant as internal guidance to help Clinton's campaign workers stay focused, but became the unofficial campaign slogan after achieving popularity with Clinton's supporters.

"Keep Cool With Coolidge"— Calvin Coolidge

Coolidge differentiated himself from his relatively aggressive Democratic opponents with this slogan, which promoted the famously non-confrontational Coolidge as an optimistic and level-headed alternative.

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