She’s Toast! Dems RETIRE Hillary Clinton


She’s already made two failed attempts to win the presidency -- and she reportedly has her sights set on a third.

But Hillary Clinton’s own party is desperate to get her… and the entire Clinton Machine… out of politics.

Now, Democrats are working to retire Clinton and GUARANTEE she can never run for office again.

It’s about time.

The Democratic National Committee held talks this week about eliminating the only chance Clinton has of capturing the party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Specifically, the DNC is targeting the “superdelegate” system that critics say Clinton used to steal the 2016 nomination from her primary rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Right now, about 700 elected officials and party leaders are classified as “superdelegates,” meaning they can support any candidate they choose – even if their state supports a different candidate.

These superdelegates account for 30% of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination. And in 2016, Clinton had locked up much of their support before any primary votes were cast.

The ridiculous and un-democratic system allowed Clinton to win nearly the same number of delegates as Sanders even in primary states Sanders won.

A “Unity Commission” of Clinton and Sanders backers initially suggested reducing the number of superdelegates by 60% for 2020.

But with Clinton apparently flirting with another run for president, the DNC apparently decided that 60% was not enough.

A new movement is circulating to scrap the superdelegate system completely. Members of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee have even confirmed that eliminating superdelegates is on the table.

And that would spell the end of Hillary Clinton’s ambitions to become president.

Hillary Clinton was a historically unpopular candidate during the 2016 election. And she hasn’t gotten any more popular, despite a year-long media blitz since losing the election.

A recent Harvard poll shows that only 38% of Americans hold a favorable view of Clinton, and that she’d still lose to President Donald Trump if an election were held today.

But if Clinton could use her family’s connections and political muscle to secure superdelegate support, none of that would matter. She could still end up the 2020 presidential nominee.

And it looks like there’s no way the DNC is taking that chance. By substantially reducing – or even eliminating – superdelegates, the DNC is removing Clinton’s political clout and taking her out of the 2020 race.

The DNC will never publicly admit it. But Hillary Clinton is being put out to pasture.

And there won’t be too many voters shedding tears.

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