She’s Baaack! Hillary Clinton Makes Her Move for 2020

If you thought Hillary Clinton was done trying to get her hands on the presidency… think again!

Regardless of losing, not once – but two times – a recent development shows Hillary Rodham Clinton may have a plan of attack in her back pocket.

At least, she hopes so.

The Democratic roster might be never-ending, but there are only three contenders at the top – Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

And Hillary’s top-secret plan may involve a last-minute announcement.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that former Hillary Clinton campaign aides are giving “advice” to the Biden campaign on how to run against Donald Trump. Which makes absolutely NO sense considering her embarrassing loss.

Reports say, this however may be her plan on taking out the top spots one-by-one.

She can start with Biden by giving this “advice” and lead him right off the ballot.

Hillary already knows what she needs to do to take care of Bernie Sanders…

But the most interesting one might be how she plans to handle Elizabeth Warren, especially since the two have been seen working together lately – or at least that’s what Senator Warren thought.

Could this be a Clinton/Warren ticket?!

Let’s hope not.

But what do Hillary’s chances actually look like running – and winning the nomination?

Slim to none, really.

“She would be by far the worst result for us – i.e., the one we would lose most money on… Hence, her odds have come in from 50/1 to 20/1,” stated Matthew Shaddick, head of political betting at Ladbrokes.

Shaddick also noted, “I’ve seen some speculation about what might happen if Biden had to drop out for some reason – perhaps that would leave a space for her to occupy the field… Doesn’t really convince me as a good reason, though.”

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