Secret Trump Immigration Ally Has Nancy Pelosi FREAKING OUT

What is Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic pal worst nightmare?

Whittney Williams, a young enthusiastic Republican who’s a big fan of President Trump… and entered the country illegally at the age of 10.

Oh, and she happens to be running for CONGRESS!

Williams, who came here illegally from Taiwan has high hopes of taking her Democratic incumbent spot in Michigan and take down the left’s socialist rhetoric.

“I am running for Congress because I love our country, I believe in the American Dream, and want to fight back against the radical left’s agenda… This country has given me everything, and I hope to have the opportunity to give back by defending the Constitution and our fundamental American values,” Williams told reporters.

The Daily Caller reported that Williams grew up in a poverty-ridden household in southern California with her Taiwanese parents who over-stayed their visas. She learned English by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over and over, paid international fees to get into college and had a desire to serve in the Navy but was denied due to her immigration status.

But instead of letting the odds against her affect her, Williams has turned her hardship into a commitment to serve this country. She also plans on working with immigration and is a big supporter of border security.

“As a former illegal immigrant who lived in the shadows for 16 years, I know what that experience is like and wish it on no one. Congressional Democrats are lying to the American public – they would rather have open borders instead of actually solving the immigration crisis and supporting Dreamers like me… They know the immigration crisis cannot be solved as long as they push their radical anti-American, anti-immigrant, and anti-Dreamer open border agenda. I support border security to put an end to this once and for all,” she told the Daily Caller.

But immigration isn’t the only policy she agrees on with President Trump. According to the report, Williams is also heavily committed to rejuvenating the Michigan auto industry and echoes President Trump’s rhetoric calling for “fair-trade.”

The Congressional hopeful identifies as pro-Second Amendment and pro-life in addition to favoring small government and lower taxes according to her campaign site.

Williams is sure to cause some controversy up with the Democrats since they won’t be able to use her “type” against the President.

Most importantly, “As somebody who is who she is, the Democrats can’t use their typical playbook against her,” stated a spokesman for her campaign.

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