[Secret Recording] Dems ADMIT Rigging Election


Maybe they just don’t learn… or maybe they just don’t care.

But the Democratic Party is knee-deep in an election-rigging scandal… again.

Less than two years ago, the party was nearly torn apart after the Democratic National Committee was caught rigging primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton (and at the expense of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders).

But the Democrats’ top brass are still VERY much in the primary-rigging business.

Government watchdog the Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT) has just filed a MASSIVE complaint with the Federal Elections Commission.

The complaint was drafted after audio from a secretly recorded conversation showed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) rigging a Congressional primary.

The secret recording mentioned in the complaint is between House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Levi Tillemann, a Democratic candidate for the 6thCongressional District in Colorado.

Hoyer essentially tells Tillemann that the party preferred Army veteran and corporate lawyer Jason Crow be the nominee in the district.

Isn’t that something VOTERS should decide?

The conversation was shady enough… but the DCCC’s apparent actions during the primary campaign were even worse.

According to David Aarestad, another Democrat who unsuccessfully sought the nomination, the DCCC purposely hid polling data and in-kind campaign contributions from his campaign… putting him and other Democratic candidates at a HUGE disadvantage.

“They [the DCCC] made polling data available to Crow that they did not make available to me," Aarestad was quoted by the Washington Free Beacon as saying. "They made other resources available to Crow that they did not make available to me, such as email lists for fundraising purposes."

The Democratic Party made a deliberate attempt to rig the outcome of the Congressional primary.

And that wasn’t just unethical… it may have been illegal.

FACT wrote in its complaint that the polling data and email lists were in-kind contributions that appear not to have been reported, but should have been under election law.

"Candidate reporting requirements exist to prevent corruption and ensure transparency in our elections, which is something the DCCC showed a blatant disregard for in this case," Kendra Arnold, FACT's executive director, said in a statement.

The release of the audio sparked an outcry from more progressive wings of the Democratic Party about the DCCC playing favorites.

Democrats need their voters to turn out for the mid-term elections… so it may be a good idea to stop cheating them.

If Democrats are serious about the upcoming mid-terms, they should let each and every candidate have equal footing… and let the PEOPLE decide.

That’s how democracy is supposed to work… and you’d expect the Democratic Party to know that.



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