Robert Mueller is Blackmailing the Government… Here’s How

By Gary McIntyre

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has wasted months and millions of dollars on a witch hunt into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

He’s yet to produce a shred of evidence, leading to calls for Mueller to resign or be fired.

Now, Mueller appears to have made a major power grab that could keep his investigation around for a long time.

He’s practically blackmailing a major federal agency… and, so far, he’s getting away with it.

As was reported this week, Mueller has issued wide-ranging subpoenas for Department of Justice (DOJ) documents, supposedly as part of his Russia probe.

But Mueller is doing a lot more than gathering evidence.

He’s creating a tense standoff that could lead to a serious government crisis.

The DOJ actually oversees Mueller’s probe, and there have reportedly been rumblings within the department about firing Mueller.

But before that can happen, Mueller has launched a side investigation… into his DOJ bosses.

Now, any effort by the DOJ to remove Mueller would reek of impropriety. It would look like retaliation at best… and a cover-up at worst.

Call it leverage. Call it blackmail, if you wish. But you can be certain that Mueller, as former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Now Mueller is carrying out an investigation of the DOJ officials who oversee the Special Counsel,” Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said on Twitter. “This is officially nuts, and so are the fools leading Congress and the Senate who are about to provoke a constitutional crisis.”

There are lots of fools involved in the Russia witch hunt… but it doesn’t look like Mueller is one of them.

He’s about to have the DOJ behind the eight-ball.

Mueller should have been fired months ago. And the time to act is now, before his so-called investigation gets even further out of hand.

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