Robert Mueller BETRAYS Nancy Pelosi (She Never Saw This Coming)

Democrats praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller as they thought he was their answer to removing President Trump from office.

And for a while there, it almost seemed like Mueller himself wasn’t going to stop until he got the job done.

Then his investigation came to a close, and Mueller practically exonerated Trump from any allegations.

Now, in a sudden turn of events, Mueller is no longer siding with the Democrats.

In fact he’s going as far as ridiculing them.

After the release of the report, Democrats lost their minds… including party leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler.

But Special Counsel Robert Mueller doesn’t want to play the Democrats game any longer according to Redstate.

The Washington Post recently reported that Mueller does not want to be a “political pawn” for the Democrats and he rather just address his findings and avoid a public spectacle.

Which could mean, Mueller has come to the realization that Trump is not the criminal he painted him out to be OR he doesn’t want to be on the spot and accuse President Trump of something not listed in the report.

Here’s what the report from the Post stated…

For those eager to see special counsel Robert S. Mueller III testify, lay waste to misinformation about his report and put Attorney General William P. Barr in his place, you can keep right on waiting.

The Washington Post confirms that Mueller is reluctant to testify publicly beyond the contents of his report. He is at an impasse with the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), who wants all of Mueller’s testimony to be public….

But Trump opponents who saw Mueller as their white knight have a difficult time letting go of that. Even after Mueller decided it wasn’t his place to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice, they believe his testimony might reveal something beyond the text of his report, or that he might even just come out and say Trump committed obstruction. The fact that Mueller wrote a letter criticizing Barr’s handling of the rollout of his report’s findings made them feel like he’s got a story he wants to tell.

The point here is, Mueller like others who have been asked to testify – after the fact – are realizing how crazed these Democratic leaders are and like Mueller they won’t cave to their political demands.

Why won’t the Dems give up on the report already?!

If Robert Mueller has accepted, it – it’s time they do the same and move onto their next ridiculous plan.

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