[REVEALED] This Unlikely Group Could Guarantee Trump’s Re-Election

Democrats might find themselves in a bit of trouble if they can’t get their hands on young voters.

According to The Daily Caller, it’s been known that the majority of college students lean towards the left and most campuses tend to be liberal based, including the professors.

But a group of young conservatives is countering the liberal influence in hopes of handing President Donald Trump the youth vote in 2020.

The young conservatives plan on spreading the president’s populist message on account of how well he’s doing with the economy. Ryan Fournier, founder of “Students for Trump”, explained he hopes this message will resonate and inspire a new generation.

Fournier told The Daily Caller, “I became intrigued with topics that Donald Trump was highlighting in his campaign, from simplifying the tax code to his hardline approach on destroying ISIS… These policy issues are just two of the many he proposed that just made sense. His rhetoric and dialogue appealed to many GOP voters who were sick and tired of electing politicians that go to Washington on the promise of change, only to then become what they claimed they wouldn’t: a career politician.”

“Students for Trump” was acquired by Turning Point USA just last month and will be chaired by its founder Charlie Kirk who calls Trumo “the greatest president of our generation.”

“The road to the White House goes straight through college campuses,” said Kirk.

Fournier, who will stay on as co-chair will lead a team of 150 staffers, with a goal to gain 1 million students to support Trump…

“This is the most aggressive voter identification GOTV program targeting students on college campuses for a Republican president ever… The goal here is to identify young republicans on college campuses, educate, motivate, and inspire them to get out and vote and get them to the polls,” Fournier told reporters.

According to The Daily Caller, Fournier also slammed the 2020 Democratic candidates for their empty promises in persuading the youth vote, like using the promise to pay off student loans.

Fournier stated, “the youth are the future of this country. The long stretch to the White House goes right through college campuses…The Left has been using this to their advantage by targeting students with policies such as “eliminating” student loan debt – which is nothing more than a plan to transfer existing debt from students to the American taxpayer.”

The group “Student for Trump” is not affiliated with Trump’s official campaign but hopes to gain him a victory in 2020.

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