[REVEALED] The Secret Fortune the Biden Team is Desperate to Hide

Ask Joe Biden, and he’ll tell you he’s just a regular, salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy… you know, the one that’s standing up for the Average Joe.

And that his campaign is focused on the needs of hard-working Americans… and not him.

Not so fast, Joe!

According to a report from The Washington Free Beacon, Biden, who took swipes at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over their private jet usage during the 2007 primaries, spent more than $250,000 on such travel during the second quarter this year, Federal Election Commission filings show.

The former vice president's campaign committee, Biden for President, disbursed four payments to Advanced Aviation, an Arlington, Va.-based charter jet company. The campaign spent a total of $256,798 on travel with the company in May alone, its first filings show.

Biden previously took swipes at his Democratic opponents over their usage of private jets.

"It's a seven hour ride from Chicago, I apologize—and I don't have a plane," Biden said as he arrived late to a 2007 primary forum in Iowa as Obama and Clinton were both utilizing charter flights.

But since Biden’s “humble” days back in 2007, Biden has earned millions since departing the White House and has demanded private jets as part of his speaking gig arrangements.

That’s quite a demand for someone portraying himself as just another “regular” guy.

What a fraud!


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