[REVEALED] The Secret (and Sleazy) Life of Michael Avenatti

Last year the nation got a quick glimpse at the adult film star Stormy Daniels’ sleazy attorney Michael Avenatti.

The camera-hungry attorney found every opportunity to get in front of a camera to bash President Donald Trump. Heck, Avenatti even said he was considering running for PRESIDENT in 2020.

But Avenatti finds himself in the spotlight once again… and this time it’s because his entire not-so-perfect life is crumbling around him, and he’s finally being exposed for the crook he is.

All it took was an arrest in Manhattan this past Monday.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, Avenatti was arrested on federal charges of embezzling money from a client, defrauding a bank and attempting to extort millions from Nike in separate criminal cases.

That’s right, the “creepy porn lawyer” had the audacity to go up against the sportswear conglomerate.

But with his recent arrest, prosecutors were able to take a deep dive into Avenatti’s shady dealings and potentially land him behind bars.

Which means everything from the way Avenatti lived his day-to-day… flying in private jets, a Cliffside California mansion, six-figure shopping spree at Neiman Marcus… was built on a “flimsy” fraudulent financial foundation.

The Nike scheme blew up in his face pretty quickly when nearly a decade of alleged financial criminality started surfacing.

After his arrest, Avenatti claimed, “I feel terrible for my family. I feel bad for my friends. Most people are sticking by me. They believe in me. They know what I’m all about.”

But according to the Los Angeles Times, there were nearly 200 pages of charging documents submitted by the Internal Revenue Service from federal investigators proving he’s far from innocent.

Amongst the documents are pursuing alleged tax violations dating nearly a decade ago. Trouble really began for Avenatti in 2009 when Avenatti reportedly claimed $1.9 million in personal income but never paid his due of $570,000 worth of taxes. Then in 2010, Avenatti reported another cool million in income but showed no signs of paying his hefty $282,000 in taxes… again.

Avenatti did this for 10 years.

According to federal prosecutors, he’s skipped out on his income tax returns even after depositing $18 million into his accounts on a personal count – but he also failed to file tax returns on his business Avenatti & Associates who recorded $38 million worth of profits over this time frame.

It’s no wonder the sleazy attorney was able to live a life of lavish for so long, but it’s just a matter of time before he really pays for it.


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