[REVEALED] The 4 Issues Joe Biden is Desperate to Hide From YOU

Former Vice President Joe Biden swears he’s a progressive-thinking politician, but his past says otherwise.

Now going up against his ultra-left competition, he’s going to have A LOT of explaining to do.

As the 2020 elections kick into high gear, most Democratic candidates are laying out their very left-leaning plans and having to clarify any misconception they’ve had on the subjects in the past.

Biden is the biggest offender of this.

Throughout Biden’s eight years as Vice President alone, he’s made some claims that wouldn’t fly in his forward-thinking Party today.

And according to the Daily Caller, here are Biden’s BIGGEST flip-flops and contradictions on matters that will truly define the upcoming election…


Biden’s campaign confirmed to NBC News on June 5 that the former VP stood by his decades-long support of the Hyde Amendment, a ban on using federal funds to pay for abortions.

Just a day later and after intense backlash from the left-wing of the Democratic Party, Biden said that he can no longer support such an amendment when the Republican Party is purportedly assaulting women’s health care.

Biden also claimed in 1974 that he believed Roe v. Wade went “too far,” adding, “I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.” He now fully supports Roe v. Wade.


In 2006, Biden supported a fence on the southern border to stop drugs from coming into the United States from “corrupt Mexico,” opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants, and urged immigrants to learn English.

“Folks, I voted for a fence, I voted, and unlike most Democrats — and some of you won’t like it — I voted for 700 miles of fence,” Biden said at the time.

Since then, Biden has taken a softer tone on immigration and has attacked Trump’s tough stance on sanctuary cities and the family separation policy.

Civil Rights

Biden endorsed school segregation in 1975, calling it a matter of “black pride” and rejecting federal busing to integrate students.

“I think the concept of busing … that we are going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with one another and all the rest, is a rejection of the whole movement of black pride,” Biden said.

In 1987, Biden stunningly claimed he marched for civil rights, a claim that caused a CNN panel to burst into laughter.


In an apparent attempt to push back on Trump’s tariff war with China, Biden claimed last month that China is not a threat to the U.S.

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden said at an Iowa City event, adding that “they’re not competition for us.”

Biden later walked back the comments, stating, “I don’t suggest China is not a problem. I’m the guy who’s been the toughest on – I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than anybody else, just because the nature of my job.”

He continued, “He’s got problems, he’s got gigantic problems. Doesn’t mean he’s not a threat, doesn’t mean they’re not a threat.”

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