[Revealed] Barron Trump Targeted in Terror Plot

By Gary McIntyre

President Donald Trump has promised to wipe the terror group ISIS off the face of the Earth.

And Trump is off to a great start, having driven ISIS from key strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

Now, the ISIS cowards are lashing out the only way they know how – by threatening to assassinate Trump’s 11-year-old son, Barron.

As the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) first reported, pro-ISIS social media channels published calls this week for Barron Trump to be killed.

Pro-ISIS sympathizers promised to “handle the son of the mule of America,” referring to a common ISIS nickname for President Trump.

The calls seemed designed to encourage lone-wolf attacks, which have become a prominent method used by ISIS to spread terror.

The messages even included the name of Barron Trump’s school, and a Google Map pinpointing its exact location.

"The post was followed by a photo of Barron Trump," MEMRI reported. "To widely disseminate the call for assassination, several pro-ISIS Telegram channels have shared and forwarded the post."

Telegram is a social media and messaging service widely used by ISIS and its supporters.

It’s impossible to say whether the threat is legitimate, or just more bluster by a terror group desperately trying to remain relevant.

But you can be certain that Barron Trump, who is already well protected by Secret Service agents, will get additional security.

And there’s no doubt that the Secret Service will take the threat seriously. ISIS has a history of targeting innocent women and children, either directly or as collateral damage in its cowardly attacks.

For now, the threat is more evidence that ISIS is a band of “losers”…as President Trump calls them… who are desperate and on the run.

Let’s hope President Trump finishes the job he’s started, and finally rids the world of these terrorists once and for all.

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