[REVEALED] 3 Things History Class Didn’t Teach You About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we’re taking a break from the in-fighting of American politics and celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A man who’s message EVERYONE in politics should take a page from.

We all know Dr. King was an amazing civil rights leader who changed the United States for the better.

But there are some lot things you DIDN’T know about Dr. King.

Check out these three amazing facts Reader’s Digest uncovered about Dr. King’s legendary life.

His Name ISN’T Martin

According to Reader’s Digest, King’s birth name was actually Michael. The civil rights leader was named after his father, a pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. However, after a trip to Germany in 1934, King Sr. was so inspired by the Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther that he changed his name—and his then-5-year-old son’s. According to Time, some of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s closest relatives continued to call him Mike throughout his life.

He Was a Doctor (But Not the Kind You Think Of)

Reader’s Digest noted King was a doctor—just not the type you might think. Although history books may place the title of “Dr.” before Martin Luther King, Jr.’s name, he wasn’t a medical doctor. King earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Morehouse College and a Bachelor of Divinity from Crozer Theological Seminary, but he didn’t stop there. In 1955, he graduated with a doctorate degree in systematic theology from Boston University—where he also met his wife, Coretta.

He Almost DIDN’T Become a Minister

According to the Reader’s Digest report, when King enrolled at Morehouse College in 1944, he had no plans to preach. He may have been the son, grandson, and great-grandson of Baptist ministers, but King preferred to study subjects like law and medicine—that is, until Benjamin E. Mays, the president of Morehouse and a respected theologian, got to know King and changed his mind. Thanks to Mays, King enrolled in seminary after receiving his bachelor’s degree

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