Ranked! 10 BEST Governors in America


There’s a group of politicians following President Donald Trump’s call to Make America Great Again.

You won’t find these politicians in Congress or anywhere near the Washington, DC swamp.

You’ll find them in state capitals across America.

Newsmax recently showcased 10 governors who are doing the BEST jobs of running their states by keeping their economies fundamentally sound, while providing quality services and keeping crime down.

Here’s a quick run-down… did your governor make the cut?

#10 -- Dennis Daugaard, R-South Dakota

The native South Dakotan has enjoyed historically high approval ratings in his home state and was recently re-elected to a second term. Daugaard (pronounced DEW-guard) has kept a laser-focus on job creation… an issue important to South Dakota voters. He also embraces national GOP efforts on healthcare reform, immigration, and gun rights… and these stances have also appealed to the state’s conservative base.

#9 -- Roy Cooper, D-North Carolina

Cooper has been popular with both Democrats and Republicans for years. A former attorney general, Cooper was re-elected to a fourth term as governor AND was recently appointed by President Trump to co-chair a national commission on opioid addiction.

#8 -- Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky

Thanks to Bevin’s pro-business policies, Kentucky is experiencing a surge in jobs growth and “record-setting” corporate investment. Fox News also reported that Bevin has set out to reform the state’s criminal justice programs to reverse the trend of rising prison populations, bolster workforce participation for the influx of jobs, and return incarcerated parents to their children.

#7 -- Bill Haslam, R-Tennessee

The billionaire and former Knoxville mayor is hugely popular in the Volunteer State. His high approval ratings were the big reason Republican leaders urged him recently to join the race to succeed Sen. Bob Corker, should he retire. Haslam ultimately decided not to run for Senate, saying he wanted to remain “completely focused” on his current job.

#6 -- Brian Sandoval, R-Nevada

The first Latino governor in Nevada, Sandoval has consistently ranked as one of the country’s most popular governors, having helped bring Nevada back from the Great Recession. He’s so popular in his home state, he won a second term by a 3-to-1 margin in 2014.

#5 -- John Bel Edwards, D-Louisiana

Edwards is the only Democratic governor in the Deep South. But he’s no classic liberal. He supports gun rights, backs Medicaid expansion for the working poor, has protected wetlands, and raised Louisiana’s minimum wage.

#4 -- John Hickenlooper, D-Colorado

The former Denver mayor, geologist, and brewpub owner has accelerated economic growth, and has even managed to unite business with environmental activists. Hickenlooper is best known for supporting the use of recreational marijuana, and while controversial, the marijuana legislation has generated millions in tax revenue, which Colorado is using to close budget gaps and crate jobs.

#3 -- Charlie Baker, R-Massachusetts

The 61-year-old wealthy businessman prides himself on being a fiscal, small-government conservative with a social libertarian streak and a marked disdain for the harsher elements of both parties. This stance has worked well for Baker as he maintains high approval ratings in a traditionally blue state.

#2 -- Larry Hogan, R-Maryland

Speaking of being a popular Republican in a blue state, Hogan is the first Republican to serve two terms in Maryland since the 1950s. Hogan’s moderate agenda, which includes protecting the polluted Chesapeake Bay and building bipartisan consensus in the state legislature, is popular among Marylanders. Hogan also waged, and won, a public battle against cancer that was discovered during his first year in office.

#1 -- Greg Abbott, R-Texas

Under Abbott’s leadership, tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft have all expanded in the Lone Star State, a move that has led Texas to be No. 1 in the nation in tech exports and all exports according to CNBC. Abbott currently enjoys an 81% approval rating, and gets a nod of approval from President Trump… both of which should help his bid for re-election this year.


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