[PROOF] Top Dems Committing Campaign FRAUD


If you look up “desperation” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of the Democratic Party these days.

Democrats are so desperate to take back control of Congress this November, they are now DEFRAUDING their own, loyal donors just to make a few extra bucks for the campaign trail.

And there’s a digital paper trail a mile long to prove it.

According to a report from The Daily Caller, Congressional Democrats are now LYING to their supporters about the status of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in a pathetic bid to jumpstart fundraising.

What exactly are they saying?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out a pair of fundraising emails earlier this week claiming if they got enough signatures, President Donald Trump would be “forced” to interview with Mueller.

One email said that if the DCCC gathered 1 million signatures (the signature gathering is part of the sneaky fundraising push), Trump would be forced to cooperate with Mueller.

“We need to gather 1 MILLION signatures for Robert Mueller to FORCE Trump to testify,” read another email. “We’re the only ones left who can help Robert Mueller.”

There’s only one problem – both of those statements are 100% FALSE.

A signature-gathering campaign has no legal standing that would force Trump to cooperate with Mueller.

And, even informally, you can be sure that the DCCC gathering signatures would have no effect on Trump’s decision-making process at all.

This is nothing more than lying and FRAUD to swindle donors out of money.

And, of course, the DCCC – which is run by the top elected Democrats in Congress (you can check out a list here) – knows it is lying.

These latest emails come on the heels of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sending an email in April titled “Mueller FIRED” asking people to donate to the DCCC amid speculations that Trump may fire Mueller in retaliation for the FBI raid on his lawyer Michael Cohen.

Even BuzzFeed, which has a nasty history of publishing false content about President Trump, slammed the Democrats’ sleazy tactics to swindle their own donors.

“Democrats can’t claim a moral high ground on telling the truth when their congressional campaign arm is often lying,” commented BuzzFeed reporter Dominic Holden. “If Democrats care so much about ‘the truth,’ they should practice it in their emails.”

However, if Democrats are looking to find some extra cash to support their party’s election aspirations, they may want to start by looking at one of their own… Hillary Clinton.

As America Uncensored previously reported, the Democratic National Committee was forced to pay $1.65 MILLION to Clinton’s political group Onward Together for access to Clinton’s email list and other campaign resources.

That’s cash they could desperately use right about now.

This latest scheme by Democrats to make an extra buck is disgusting… and their loyal donors should seriously think twice before pulling out their checkbooks for a donation!


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