PROOF! Obama Gave $1.7 BILLION to Terrorists


Former President Barack Obama spent eight years promising he was protecting America from terrorists.

He even claimed he was working day and night to prevent the next 9/11-style attacks on the United States.

Now we know he secretly provided a FORTUNE to deadly terror groups that want to destroy our nation.

And the United States federal government is even admitting it!

A new federal government report has made a bombshell discovery that Obama would do anything to hide.

In 2016, Obama authorized a payment of $1.7 billion to Iran… the same country whose citizens chant, “Death to America,” in the streets.

The cash was supposed to settle a decades-long dispute with Iran. But critics say it was essentially ransom money to free five American hostages, in long-standing violation of U.S. policy.

Some of the money was reportedly delivered in unmarked bills on pallets that were quietly snuck into Iran.

That’s bad enough… but where the money ended up was even worse.

According to the Washington Times, the U.S. federal government actually tracked the cash – and found out it went directly into the pockets of anti-American terror groups.

According to the Times, the $1.7 billion (in U.S. taxpayer cash) was split among Hezbollah, the Iranian Quds Force terror group, and Houthi rebels trying to topple the Saudi Arabian government.

All three groups have a long history of terror and murder… including killing American citizens.

Hezbollah remains the prime suspect in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings that killed 241 American service members.

How could Obama know that American cash would go to these terror groups?

The bigger question is how could he NOT know?

Iran has been funding Hezbollah, the Quds Force, and Houthi rebels for years. And it looks like Obama’s foolishness became a windfall for these murderous gangs.

If Hezbollah ever takes over Israel (one of its stated goals), these terrorists may end up naming streets after Obama.

But in America, the more we learn about Obama’s presidency, the worse it looks. In fact, it’s become clearer than ever that he directly emboldened and funded America’s enemies – and put our nation at more risk than ever.

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