[PROOF] Democrats BUYING VOTES to Stop Trump

Democrats have stooped to pathetic lows to derail President Donald Trump.

They’ve tried to sabotage his agenda at every turn.

They’ve even spread salacious and disgusting rumors about his personal life.

But would the Democratic Party actually BUY votes to defeat Trump in 2020?

Well, it’s time to take new Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang seriously.

Because that’s EXACTLY what he intends to do.

Yang is an Ivy League attorney, venture capitalist, and education entrepreneur who was honored by former President Barack Obama in 2012.

And Yang has thrown his hat into the ring to be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 election.

While Yang’s White House aspirations may seem to be a longshot, he’s floating a policy proposal that is incredibly dangerous.

Yang wants to institute something called “universal basic income,” where all American citizens between the ages of 18-64 would receive a $1,000 check every month from the U.S. government.

And it would all be funded by American taxpayers – no work required.

By getting into the presidential race early, Yang hopes to force the idea of basic income onto the Democratic Party platform.

But his proposal wouldn’t just be financially disastrous for America – it’s actually bribery disguised as policy.

Yang is dangling a carrot of a free $12,000 a year in front of every American who can legally vote. But, of course, you have to cast your ballot for Yang first.

The payouts have been dubbed by Yang as “Freedom Dividends,” which is ironic, because they will drive up America’s debt and force our country to borrow money from foreign countries.

That doesn’t feel much like freedom, does it?

The $12,000 figure is designed to bring all Americans up to the poverty line (ignoring the fact that inevitable inflation will raise the poverty line). And it’s been pushed by union leaders, who will wholeheartedly support the idea if it gains steam.

And the notion of universal basic income gaining momentum is a frightening attack on our democracy.

It represents a policy that Democrats can use to basically buy votes in an attempt to defeat Trump in 2020.

Let’s hope most Americans see this gimmick for what it is – a pathetic election ploy that will bring our nation to the brink of financial ruin.

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