POLL: Trump’s Economy is WINNING Ahead of 2020

Donald Trump

Democrats and the liberal media can say – or not say - what they’d like about President Donald Trump...

That won’t stop Americans from praising the president for his policies that are reshaping the country.

And if this poll proves anything, it’s that the nation does not plan to steer away from Trump’s America in 2020.

As first reported by Breitbart, 58 percent of voters approve of Trump’s economy... AHEAD of 2020.

According to a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service poll, American voters are concerned of a potential economic downturn and/or approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy.

During the “Battleground Poll” held March 31-April 4, registered and potential 2020 voters from both Democratic and Republican parties were surveyed. And 82 percent of those who participated claimed they were “extremely” likely to vote.

However, the poll showed that 59 percent are worried about the possibility of a economic decline and 58 percent approve of how President Trump is maneuvering the economy.

The president is also holding a consistent 55 percent overall job approval rating according to the report.

Even better, the poll also found some interesting stats that the liberal media is likely to ignore.

According to the survey, 58 percent of white women approve of Trump on the economy and 63 percent of married white women approve of Trump’s economy.

Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why...

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