[POLL] The Most HATED 2020 Candidates (Do You Agree?)

With an over-crowded field of nearly 30 candidates, the Democratic Party can’t expect all their contenders to be worshiped.

In fact, one of their top candidates may even be the most disliked of the whole bunch.

And the most favorable one may surprise you too.

As first reported by Fox News, former Vice President Joe Biden is the ONLY presidential candidate in the current race that has positive favorability ratings according to a new poll.

The recent Quinnipiac University national poll also shows Senator Bernie Sanders and Mayor Bill de Blasio polling very negatively.

That’s no surprise to us, but to Democratic voters that’s a serious indicator of how unfavorable most of their Party’s new policies and ideas may be.

According to the poll, Sanders received a negative rating of 48% of American voters and de Blasio with 45%.

And the former Vice President reportedly showed that 49% of voters like him while only 39% view him negatively.

De Blasio’s numbers may not be surprising since he was met with mockery upon announcing his campaign. He also doesn’t have the national name-recognition his competition has.

For Sanders, it’s been a long way to the bottom for his 2020 campaign.

Just a few months back the socialist was ranking in first or second spot and now he’s treading far behind some political newcomers.

This could be it for the Sanders campaign, and a chance for De Blasio to gracefully remove himself from the race while he still has a chance.

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