POLL: Most Voters Don’t Believe THIS (Nancy Pelosi PANICKING)

Forget about the 2020 elections…

President Trump has some bigger fish to fry, and their names are Nancy Pelosi… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… and IMPEACHMENT.

Once again, top Democrats are throwing around the notion of impeaching the President, only this time American voters aren’t quite on board.

As first reported by Fox News, according to a new poll, most voters don’t think impeachment is in President Trump’s future. However, a majority believes the president and his administration should be a bit more cooperative.

More importantly, a record high of nearly 50% think Trump’s campaign did have any type of involvement with Russia during the 2016 election. According to the poll, the increase comes from a 14-point increase among independents, a 6-point increase among Democrats and 3-point bump among Republicans.

However, views on impeachment seem to be dying down…

The latest Fox News poll shows 48% of voters opposing the impeachment of President Trump.

And despite the growing number of Democrats pushing for impeachment or even supporting it, most voters don’t believe there’s any chance it could happen.

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