Poll: Is it Over for Biden? (Sanders and Warren Think So)

The Democratic Party has been throwing some serious weight behind Joe Biden for months, practically handing him the nomination before the primaries even began.

But good ‘ole Joe is quickly losing popularity amongst voters.

After months of holding a double-digit lead over his competition, former Vice President Joe Biden is about to lose the top spot, and may even be knocked down to third place.

The Hill reported that Biden is now facing a tiny lead over Senator Bernie Sanders in the finrst-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire, but Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders could soon change that.

According to the latest Suffolk University-Boston Globe poll, Biden is only 4 points ahead of Bernie Sanders and 7 points ahead of Elizabeth Warren, while no other Democratic candidate carries double-digit support in the state.

In fact, Warren and Sanders saw a huge jump from the same poll taken back in April.

In April, Biden was in the lead at 20% while Sanders and Buttigieg had 12%, and Harris and Warren only had 6%.

According to the report, 48% of Sanders’ supporter say they will definitely support him giving him the strongest hold in the field. Biden only has 45% of support behind him and Warren holds 35%.

The poll shows however, that Warren could take the top spot, if not at least the second spot with the most potential to gain traction with supporters.

Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center stated, “This is an especially important number now that a number of candidates could drop out soon and shows how she could grow.”

Senator Kamala Harris is in fourth place with 8%, Mayor Buttigieg has 6%, Tulsi Gabbard has 3% and Cory Booker holds a tiny 1% according to the poll.

This survey took place between August 1-4 and polled 500 likely Democratic primary voters in the state of New Hampshire.

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