[Poll] 72% of Americans Want Mueller FIRED

Robert Mueller

He’s had a year to investigate Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election – and has found absolutely nothing.

Now he’s raiding the offices for President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, looking for payments to porn stars.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is completely out of hand… and hasn’t been about Russia for some time.

Now Americans are saying that Mueller has worn out his welcome, and it’s time for Trump to fire him.

In a new American Uncensored poll, 72.25% of Americans said that Trump should fire Mueller.

That’s more than THREE TIMES the number of Americans (22.25%) who think Trump should allow Mueller to finish his investigation.

Just 5.5% said they hadn’t made up their minds yet.

The survey included responses from several hundred Americans from every part of the country.

And it reflected growing public dissatisfaction with Mueller’s investigation, which has turned out to be a witch hunt designed to bring down Trump at all costs.

Even a few months ago, it would have been inconceivable for Trump to fire Mueller.

Now, a growing number of Americans completely support the move.

And it’s about time. If anyone deserves to lose his job, it’s Robert Mueller.

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