Pigs Fly! Democrats Unload on Mainstream Media… For FAKE NEWS

Remember when President Donald Trump had the courage to stand up to major news outlets for peddling inaccurate news about him and his administration?

We sure do… and we remember the media laughing in his face, and Democrats refusing to acknowledge the inaccurate reporting.

My, how things have changed!

According to a report from The Hill, Democratic presidential contenders are letting loose with a barrage of attacks against the news media, ripping national outlets for what they view as biased coverage of their campaigns or unfair double standards in covering President Trump.

Bernie Sanders is leading the way, making his grievances with “corporate media” central to his anti-establishment campaign.

The Sanders campaign took it up a notch this week, calling out CNN and NBC by name and making the case that The Washington Post is covering him negatively because he’s been critical of the newspaper’s billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos.

When is the last time you heard a Democrat publically call out left-leaning media outlets?!

Top media personalities are firing back at Sanders and accusing him of taking a page from Trump, who routinely attacks major outlets such as The New York Times and CNN as "fake news."

But Sanders is far from the only Democratic candidate to vent frustration with the media’s campaign coverage.

A top surrogate for former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign lashed out at reporters this week for giving outsized coverage to the former vice president’s recent verbal gaffes.

And former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) and former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro (D) have both blasted the press for what they describe as applying too light of a touch with Trump on issues pertaining to race.

According to the report, the criticism of the media comes after Democrats have spent years warning that Trump’s attacks against the press have undermined trust in an institution they describe as a pillar of a functioning democracy.

So perhaps President Trump was right about the media… but good luck ever getting his enemies to ever admit he was right.




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