Pathetic! Nancy Pelosi BACKING Sex Offender?


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may be the biggest hypocrite in Congress.

She claims she’s a champion for women… even though for YEARS she helped cover up rampant sexual harassment happening in the House of Representatives.

Now, unbelievably, Pelosi is failing to stand up for women and children again.

Pelosi has openly declined to call for the resignation of fellow Democrat Tony Cardenas (D-CA), who is currently being sued for allegedly molesting a teenage girl in 2007.

In a lawsuit first reported by the Los Angeles Times in late April, Cardenas is accused of drugging and molesting a then 16-year-old girl at a golf tournament.

The victim (named “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit) is reportedly coming forward because she was inspired by the “#metoo” movement.

Cardenas has proclaimed his innocence.

But where’s Nancy Pelosi, the de facto leader of the Democratic Party?

Despite the sickening allegations against her fellow Democrat, she refuses to call for Cardenas to step down.

Pelosi released a statement in which she indicated that she had spoken with Cardenas, and that he had “appropriately asked us to withhold judgment until there is a full investigation of the facts.”

The only problem?

Pelosi had ZERO interest in due process when similar allegations were levied against Republicans.

Last year, Pelosi demanded that Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama, withdraw amid allegations that he dated underage girls. In an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Pelosi said, “We’re talking about a child molester.”

In that same interview, Pelosi declared that there would now be “zero tolerance” for sexual misconduct in Congress saying, “Women have spoken out. Their concerns will be addressed in a way that I think will give comfort, as well as end this behavior. … Because you know what? It’s disgusting, it’s repulsive, and it has to be zero tolerance.”

Zero tolerance? Guess that only applies if it’s a member of the other party.

Late last year, Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers was credibly accused of being a serial sexual harasser. Pelosi initially defended Conyers as an “icon” and deferred to a House Ethics Committee investigation — a process that can stretch out for years.

It took Pelosi 10 days to call for the establishment Democrat’s resignation, which she did only after facing the prospect of a revolt from members furious that Conyers could remain in office.

Pelosi’s hypocrisy is absolutely sickening. We deserve leaders who are ready to protect sexual assault victims at all times.

Not just when it’s politically convenient.

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