Trump CRUSHED Two Media Empires (in One Week)

Two anti-Trump media outlets are now fighting for survival. And conservatives couldn’t be happier about it.

Clintons Caught Hiding MILLIONS in Dirty Money?!

For years the Clinton Foundation has been accused of hiding a fortune in shady foreign contributions. Now they’ve just been caught red-handed.

America Just Built a Military FORTRESS in South Korea

North Korean madman Kim Jong Un is playing with his rockets again. But America is about to show him what military strength really looks like.

Busted! Hillary Pals Caught in Green Card Scam

Hillary Clinton’s brother and her closest political ally are being accused of running a massive green card scam. Get the details on the latest scandal from the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Exposed! “Basement Plot” to Take Down Trump

A Washington insider has just made a bombshell confession. Federal employees are holding secret meetings to strategize about how to stop President Trump.

Lock Her Up! Hillary Busted in New Russia Scandal

Did the Clintons help 10 Russian criminals get away scot-free? Here’s the Russia scandal the media won’t touch.

Trump’s BRILLIANT Twitter Move (Liberals Don’t Get It)

The liberal media is hammering

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

Ready to be the smartest guy or gal at your Thanksgiving table? Check out these five little-known facts about one of America’s most cherished holidays.

[Revealed] Barron Trump Targeted in Terror Plot

ISIS cowards know no shame… and now they’ve sunk to a pathetic new low. Learn about their latest promise to kill “First Son” Barron Trump.

Bill Clinton Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teens?!

Four new women are reportedly getting ready to sue former President Bill Clinton for sexual assault. You won’t believe what they say he did… and when they say he did it.

Robert Mueller is Blackmailing the Government… Here’s How

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest attempts to subpoena the Department of Justice are practically blackmail. Here’s what Mueller is up to… and why it’s time to stop him.

Report: Obama Committed Fraud to Win Election

A national reporter claims that former President Barack Obama lied to the American people about terror operations to win the 2012 election. See the proof for yourself.

5 Dark Horse Candidates for President

There are still three years left in President Trump’s first term. But the 2020 race is already heating up. Here are five candidates who could shake things up in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

[Breaking] Secret Tape Exposes Clinton Corruption

A top Clinton researcher says an audio tape exists exposing a bribery scheme involving the Clinton family. And the FBI may already have it.

What?! Congress Has “Sex Harassment Slush Fund”

A top member of Congress just admitted that American taxpayers have shelled out $15 million to settle sexual harassment claims against elected officials.

Justice! Hillary Clinton Facing Federal Investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s shady Uranium One deal. Could this be what finally takes down Clinton for good?

You Won’t BELIEVE Who’s Running Against Trump (He’s Toast)

Former Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly getting ready to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election. Here’s why Biden’s move is official proof that Democrats are panicking.

“They’re Plotting to Overthrow Trump!” Congressman Warns

A top Congressman is warning that former FBI Director Robert Mueller is orchestrating a plot to overthrow President Donald Trump. Here’s how he wants to stop it.

The 5 Best War Movies of All Time

Cable television channels will be flooded with war movies this Veteran’s Day. Our resident military expert rates the five best of all time.

These 5 Questions Will RUIN Hillary Clinton

The man who Hillary Clinton secretly paid to write the infamous “Trump Dossier” will spill the beans before Congress next week. Here are the 5 questions that could take down Hillary for good.

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