Massive Terror Plot Targets New York City

A secret ISIS cell planned a massive “second 9/11” attack against Times Square and the New York City subway system. So why was the American public kept in the dark for more than a year?

Vegas Shooter Targeted Area 51?!

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock wasn’t just shooting at concert-goers. He was also targeting a super-secret air terminal that services the Area 51 military base. Is there more to the story than we’ve been told?

Is THIS What Made the Vegas Killer Snap?

Has the secret motive behind Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock’s deadly rampage been hiding in his medicine cabinet all along?

GOP Senator Secretly Sabotaging Trump

Maine Senator Susan Collins claims to be a member of the GOP. But she’s intent on sabotaging President Trump at any cost. And Congressional Republicans are starting to take notice.

Criminal Charges Against Hillary to Be Released?!

A federal prosecutor wanted to indict Hillary Clinton for her role in a shady Whitewater land deal. And now we may finally get to see the document.

Hall of Fame Hoops Coach May Be Headed to Prison

Legal analysts believe that former Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino may be the main target of an FBI investigation into college basketball. And he could be facing decades in prison.

NFL Surrenders to Trump… After 5 Days!

The NFL spent one Sunday standing up to President Donald Trump… but now the league is backing down in a hurry. See how Trump’s pressure is leading NFL players to stand for the national anthem again.

The 5 Biggest Sports Scandals in History

The FBI has just made several arrests over an illegal payments scheme in college basketball. But where does this rank among the greatest sports scandals of all time?

[Breaking] Trump Facing Impeachment Vote

An extremist Democratic Congressman is promising to bring impeachment charges against President Donald Trump next week. But his gamble is about to blow up in Democrats faces… and they know it.

Criminal! Obama Caught in Kickback Scandal

Former President Barack Obama used a government program to steer millions in taxpayer dollars to his largest donors and supporters. Get the story that could destroy Obama’s legacy forever.

Trump’s About to CRUSH the NFL (and They Don’t See It Coming)

President Donald Trump has just declared war on the National Football League and its players protesting the national anthem. Here’s how Trump will win… and hit the NFL right in the wallet.

Report: Hillary Clinton BANKRUPTED Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is millions of dollars in debt and there’s no relief in sight. Here’s how Hillary Clinton brought the party to the brink of disaster.

Meet America’s First Female President (She’s NOT a Democrat)

The Democratic Party has promised for years that it would install the first woman in the White House. But the GOP is about to deliver… and you’ll never guess their candidate.

He Said WHAT?! DNC Boss Offends 130 Million Mexicans

The Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee just offended Mexicans everywhere – while his supporters cheered him on. Read his shocking words… and terrible analogy… for yourself.

Is George Soros a Terrorist? We’re About to Find Out

Billionaire George Soros has spent years funneling money to liberal groups, including some with a history of violence. Now the Trump Administration must decide whether to declare Soros a terrorist.

The Top 5 Moments From Trump’s UN Speech

President Donald Trump had some tough words for the United Nations yesterday – and they were exactly what the global body needed to hear. Here are the 5 best moments from Trump’s speech.

Proof! Liar Obama Bugged Trump Campaign

President Donald Trump has been claiming for months that the Obama Administration bugged his presidential campaign. Now we have the smoking-gun proof that Trump was right all along.

Trump Sets HUUUGE New Record (And Liberals Are NOT Happy)

Liberals have tried to paint President Donald Trump’s administration as a disaster. But these numbers prove he’s already been more successful than Barack Obama.

[Breaking] Secret Emails PROVE Hillary’s a Criminal?!

A massive new trove of emails has just been released. And it proves that the criminal mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and her aides was far worse than the American public has been told.

Donald Trump Just Saved Us BILLIONS (Here’s How…)

President Donald Trump guaranteed American taxpayers that he could get a much better deal on Air Force One jets. He just delivered – and got awfully creative in the process.

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