fiscal bloodbath

Ex-Government Insider: Trump’s Economic Agenda DOA

What is coming down the pike is a Fiscal Bloodbath and the third stock market crash of this century. David Stockman reveals why the upcoming crash “will be violent.”

jail time

“Your Papers, Citizen!” JAIL Time for No ID. Is This America?

The nanny/security state has reared its ugly head, again — this time in the form of a new law that requires passengers in a vehicle to carry identification – with violators facing up to four months in jail and a $750 dollar fine.

climate change vaccine

REVEALED: Scientists Conspire to Unleash "Climate Change Vaccine" on Skeptical Americans

Misinformation on climate change can psychologically cancel out the influence of accurate statements. However, if legitimate facts are delivered with an "inoculation" -- a warning dose of misinformation -- some of the positive influence is preserved, new research suggests.

travel ban

How Obama Set the Stage for Trump’s Travel Ban

Barack Obama handed a lethal deportation machine to Trump's gang of white nationalists. Forced expulsions, family incarceration and border militarization all expanded under the Obama administration.

war power

Which Democrat Wants to Give Trump UNLIMITED War Power?

Pre-emptive attack Iran bill active in us house.


Why Are Cops Enforcing “Speech Codes”?

First national survey of ‘bias response teams’ reveals growing threat to campus free speech.


Why Is Trump (and the Media) Lying About Crime In America?

Trump makes up murder stats to push for more government power.


BREAKING: Who’s the Texan Trump wants to “destroy”?

Updated! Meet the libertarian-leaning GOP texas state senator[s] whose career[s] Donald Trump wants to destroy.


REVEALED: An easy first step to stopping Alzheimer’s in its tracks

What if the cure for Alzheimer’s has been hiding in plain sight? As it turns out, it could be sitting in the dairy section of your local grocery store right now. Read on to discover more.

Middle East War

Trump threatens to drag America into (another) no-win Middle East War

5 signs Trump is gunning for a war with Iran...


Truth-telling crusader: Middle America cares about good jobs and wages, not refugees

David Stockman joined CNN to discuss the latest actions from the Trump administration and the latest policy. Here's his take on how to effectively drain the swamp...

second ammendment

Second Amendment UNDER THREAT in pro-2A Wyoming

Wyoming aims to pass state version of “no fly no buy” bill.

Bowling Green massacre

The TRUTH about the “Bowling Green massacre”

Before fake Bowling Green massacre, there was fake Bowling Green terror plot created by FBI.


The ONLY thing you need to know about Bitcoin

How, exactly, could bitcoin and gold see $10,000? When? And why? Read on to find out...

diabetes prevention

REVEALED: Simple diabetes prevention trick

Millions of people with metabolic syndrome may need more vitamin E.


DEVELOPING: The biggest threat to Trump isn’t what you think

Trump’s toughest hurdle isn’t the liberal media, illegal immigrants or even Obamacare. It’s the plummeting productivity growth in the United States.


Why this year’s Super Bowl commercials were the BEST EVER

Super Bowl Ads Illustrate Importance of Free Speech Rights for All, Even Corporations When government regulates and restricts speech, everybody eventually loses.


The banks are about to get a free pass… and they’re a GREAT investment

The 5 separates signal from noise with Trump’s financial deregulation. For bank stocks, the music’s playing and it’s time to dance


Ever been fingerprinted? Be VERY afraid

The FBI is building a national watchlist that gives companies real-time updates on employees.


That OTHER time Trump talked about “American killers”

Trump defends "killer" Putin on national tv: "We've got a lot of killers - you think our country's so innocent?"

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