Why Did CNN Bury This Story?

US Special Ops chief: US government 'in unbelievable turmoil'.


The Chilling “Martial Law” Video the Military Wanted to Hide From You

Coming soon to a city near you: The U.S. military’s plan to take over America.


Did Trump Just Strike Obamacare’s Death Blow?

Major blow to Obamacare mandate: IRS won't reject tax returns that don't answer health insurance question. The tax agency has stopped requiring individual filers to indicate whether they maintained health coverage or paid the mandate penalty as required under the law.


SHOCKING Documents Reveal CIA’s “Psychic Solution”

CIA files reveal decades of us intel on Iran came from hundreds of CIA psychics.


Ex-Infowars Insider REVEALS ALL

The conspiracy hub has become a clubhouse for Trump fanboys—and a former employee is crying foul.


The Fastest-Growing U.S. Industry Just Busted a Billion-Dollar Barrier -- TWICE

A $1 billion business in two states, but “penny pot stocks” have a problem. We show you how to turn it to your advantage!

Mike Flynn

BREAKING: The Truth About Why Mike Flynn Got Fired

A Win for the Deep State The ousting of Mike Flynn takes us down the road to a police state.

Fugitive Slave Act

SHOCKING Reversal: The Left Discovers States’ Rights

What the Fugitive Slave Act teaches us about how states can resist oppressive federal power. The actions of attorneys general in California and other states have their antecedents in the fight against that draconian law.

bone health

REVEALED: Bones of Steel -- Without Expensive and Dangerous Drugs

Bone health is crucial if you want to stay mobile and independent well into your golden years. Fortunately, there’s an easy and delicious way to keep your bones strong without taking any pills. Read on to discover more…

survival guide

Overwhelmed by Constant Change? Can’t Keep Up? Try This!

7 ways to survive and thrive in the Age of the Unthinkable...


Greedy Developers Conspire With Sneaky Officials to STEAL People’s Homes

This Indiana town wants to fine a community out of existence on behalf of private developers. Charlestown can’t seize the properties, so it’s citing them to force them to sell.


BREAKING: Renowned market forecaster foresees 40% or more CRASH

Bitcoin was the largest gainer among currencies last year.


REVEALED: The Truth About Trump’s “We’ve Got a Lot of Killers” Comment

President Trump says much that is untrue, but he draws some of Official Washington’s greatest opprobrium when he speaks the truth, such as noting that senior U.S. officials have done a lot of killing, writes Robert Parry.


Cops HATE this bill that just passed unanimously

An Arizona bill that would ban the use of “stingrays” to track the location of phones and sweep up electronic communications without a warrant in most situations unanimously passed an important Senate committee yesterday. The proposed law would not only protect privacy in Arizona, but would also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance state.


6,000-Year-Old Remedy Slashes Blood Sugar

Diabetes comes with its fair share of struggles — the endless painful finger sticks, expensive and dangerous drugs and constant food concerns can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Scientists have just discovered that an ancient plant can help you manage diabetes at its source. Read on to discover more.


BREAKING: Are Innocent Americans Getting Caught Up In Immigration Roadblocks?

Hundreds apprehended in more than a half-dozen U.S. cities in immigration law crackdown.

money blackhole

The $8.5 TRILLION Black Hole: 2017’s Best Profit Opportunity

The meticulous bookkeeping habits of ISIS jihadis… and the Pentagon’s nigh-criminal neglect of taxpayer funds


EXPOSED: New Government Plot To Destroy Homeschooling

Public school system exposed for reporting parents to CPS for homeschooling.

foreign policy

DEVELOPING: Is Trump’s Foreign Policy Being Sabotaged by His Top Aides?

President Trump’s chaotic first two weeks have seen senior aides reverse his most promising plans for restoring realism to U.S. foreign policy, especially regarding Russia and the Mideast, reports Daniel Lazare.

Gun Law

Ban Felons From Gun Ownership?

I’m a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, however, I also believe in keeping guns out of “bad guys’” hands. So should a convicted felon have the right to bear arms? Let's discuss. ​

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