Cover-Up! 5 Lies About Mueller Arrests

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has snagged his first indictments in his probe of Russian election interference. But the media has botched the story again. Here are five things they’re getting wrong.

Bowe Bergdahl Just Did the Most Cowardly Thing Ever (Even for Him)

It took eight years for Bowe Bergdahl to finally apologize for abandoning his post in Afghanistan and putting soldiers in harm’s way. And the way he did it will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

The ONE Photo That Proves CNN is a Joke

CNN was caught trying to bury a story that made Democrats… and Hillary Clinton… look bad. But we caught them red-handed. See the proof of liberal media bias in action.

This 9/11 Hero’s Daughter Just Did Something AMAZING

New York City cop Timothy Roy died a hero on 9/11. Now his daughter is carrying on his legacy – and she’s already turning heads.

Meet the 5 Senators Who Could Replace Mitch McConnell

His popularity numbers are tanking and even conservatives want Mitch McConnell out at Senate Majority Leader. But who would replace him? Here are the top 5 candidates.

This Man is Obama’s Worst Nightmare (And He’s About to Talk)

The Obama Administration spent years trying to silence an informant at the heart of a major corruption investigation. Now he’s ready to talk – and Obama is in BIG trouble.

Justice! Trump’s About to Bankrupt the Clintons

Hillary Clinton denied for months that her campaign had anything to do with the slanderous – and completely bogus – “Trump Dossier.” Now the truth has come out, and Clinton is caught in the middle of another lie.

5 Lies About Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

Liberal politicians will do anything to stop President Donald Trump from reforming America’s broken tax system. Here are the 5 biggest lies they’re spreading – and the truth you won’t get anywhere else.

Meet the 5 Biggest Liars in Politics

The political world is full of snakes and liars. But who are the 5 worst in the bunch? Check out our list.

[Breaking] Obama Scandal “Worse Than Watergate?!”

Former President Barack Obama’s administration is being targeted in the biggest corruption investigation since Watergate. See how the scandal could take down Obama and his political cronies.

Legendary Navajo Code Talker Passes at 94

A Marine veteran and member of the legendary Navajo Code Talkers has passed at the age of 94. Learn about his amazing life, and help us honor his legacy.

Busted! James Comey Headed to Prison

A secret new letter may prove that former FBI Director James Comey lied under oath to Congress. And if he did, he could be going away for a long time.

Donald Trump Just CRUSHED ISIS (So Where’s the Media?!)

In just nine months, President Donald Trump has done more to defeat ISIS than Barack Obama did in eight years. So why is the media still refusing to give Trump any credit?

The 5 Best Handguns for Defending Your Home

A handgun is a critical weapon for defending yourself, your property, and the people you love. But which gun is right for you? We asked our resident weapons expert to weigh in.

Trump Just Declared War on These U.S. Cities

President Donald Trump is sick of “sanctuary cities” protecting illegal immigrants. Now he’s given them two weeks to get their acts together – or he’s going to war.

Dems Try to Impeach Trump – and Get HUMILIATED

Texas Rep. Al Green tried to introduce an impeachment resolution against President Trump – and it blew up in his face like a trick cigar.

Bombshell! Members of Congress Hiding Alzheimer’s?

The top pharmacist for Congress has just made a shocking admission. Members of Congress are being treated for Alzheimer’s disease right now – and it’s being kept from the American public.

This ONE Sentence Proves Hillary’s a Hypocrite

It took Hillary Clinton five days to condemn accused rapist and mega-donor Harvey Weinstein. And it takes just one sentence to prove she doesn’t mean it.

What? Atheists DEMAND Prisoners Stop Praying

A major atheist group is attacking prayer in prison. But you won’t believe what they want prisoners to do instead.

Trump’s About to Win BIG (And Dems Are Panicking)

President Donald Trump has backed Congressional Democrats into a corner with his latest immigration proposal. And they’re learning the hard way that you don’t outsmart the negotiator-in-chief.

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