Revealed! The 5 Biggest SCANDALS of 2017

The Washington, D.C. swamp was in rare form this year. Here are the 5 biggest scandals of 2017 – and the traitors who would be in prison.


5 Christmas Miracles That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

Christmas is the season of miracles. Here are five real-life Christmas miracles you’ll want to share with all of your friends.

[Breaking] Obama Helped Top Terrorist Escape

Terror mastermind killed seven CIA agents -- and Obama let him go. You'll never believe why.


Trump Just DESTROYED Obama (And Nobody Noticed)

President Trump just dismantled a major piece of Barack Obama’s legacy. And it’s about time.


Hillary STOLE $84 Million?! Here’s the Proof

Hillary Clinton is being accused of using state Democratic parties as her personal piggy bank. Here’s the story she doesn’t want you to know about.


What?! Pelosi Took Cash From Prostitution Site

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took thousands from a business that specializes in prostitution and sex trafficking. Here’s the story she’s desperate to hide.


Revealed! Obama Protected Deadly Terror Group

Former President Barack Obama helped protect one of the deadliest terror groups on Earth. And you’ll never believe why.


The Clintons Took WHAT From the Chinese?!

The Clintons have long been accused of using their foundation to accept cash from shady foreign interests. But it looks like the “donations” may have been rolling in long before the foundation was ever established. In fact, it’s about time that the American public learned exactly what the Clintons were accepting from the Chinese during...

Traitors! FBI Paid to Take Down Trump?!

Evidence is mounting that the FBI secretly paid to produce a document meant to destroy President Donald Trump. But will the perpetrators ever be held accountable?


Secret Document Will RUIN Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent months conducting a partisan witch hunt designed to take down President Donald Trump. His so-called probe into Russian election interference is stacked with Democratic activists – one of his former deputies was caught calling Trump a “loathsome human” and “idiot” in text messages. And Mueller has arrested Trump associates...

Kirsten Gillibrand

Meet the Biggest Hypocrite in Congress

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to force President Trump from office. But Gillibrand has a long and hypocritical history she doesn’t want you to know about.

hero cop

Disgusting! Hero Cop CHEATED Out of His Pension

One of the brave first responders who helped stop the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting is being cheated out of his full retirement. And you won’t believe why.

Hillary Clinton

Civil War! Dems Just DESTROYED Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton may still have her eye on the White House. But Democrats are about to pass a rule that would guarantee she’ll never run again.

G.I. Bill

Veterans are FURIOUS About this G.I. Bill Change (and You’ll Be, Too)

The Pentagon is proposing serious changes to the G.I. Bill. And they couldn’t come at a worse time for veterans and their families.


RESIGN! Pelosi Covered Up Sex Abuse Case?!

A member of Congress is claiming that top Democrat Nancy Pelosi knew about serious sexual harassment allegations a year ago and swept them under the rug. Could this bring down Pelosi for good?

Donald Trump Spy Network

Trump Building Secret Spy Network (Here’s Why)

Reports have surfaced that President Donald Trump is building his own personal spy network. But you won’t believe who he’s trying to protect himself from.

The Military is GUTTING Standards… and It’s Terrifying

The military is desperate to meet aggressive recruiting goals – but are they throwing standards right out the window?


Trump SMASHES 46-Year-Old Record

President Donald Trump promised he’d make America’s borders more secure. And he just got a HUUUGE win.

trump impeachment

Trump Impeachment “Closer Than We Think”

A top political insider claims that Democrats have finally found a way to impeach President Trump. But do they really have a chance of succeeding?

Mueller Probe Exposed as FRAUD!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been trying for months to bring down President Donald Trump. But his whole probe is a scam… and it’s starting to unravel.

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