Ouch! The Secret Trump Move Bernie Sanders NEVER Saw Coming

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has seemingly always had one “advantage” over President Trump and his Republican challengers.

He’s always been able to tap into the “little guy” and built both his 2016 and 2020 campaigns on largely small-dollar donations.

It makes sense as Sanders has decried the Republican Party as the party of the “rich” … so why wouldn’t he focus his efforts on largely small-dollar, non-corporate donations.

But Sanders’ monopoly over the Average Joe is OVER. And guess who is right on his tail?

None other than President Trump!

According to a report by Red State, there has been a massive spike in small-dollar donations to the Trump campaign, which shows just how drastically the Republican Party has changed… and who they are reaching.

In the report, Fox News’ Maxim Lott looked at recent donor activity data from the Federal Election Commission which revealed some surprising shifts in GOP donation patterns.

The most remarkable changes were found in the number of small-dollar donors (under $200).

61% of 2020 contributions to the Trump campaign have come from small-dollar donations. In 2016, the final number was 65%.

Historically, high percentages of small-donor donations have been more commonly associated with the Democratic Party.

But according to Alex Baumgart, individual contributions researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics, that script appears to be flipping thanks to President Trump’s efforts to reach younger, more grassroots voters.

“Democrats have traditionally been the party that has benefited the most from cultivating a small donor base. It’s pretty clear from the numbers that Trump has done a lot to change that dynamic — the populist edge he’s brought to campaigning is clearly something that is resonating with small donors on the right,” said Baumgart.

Added Baumgart, “Conservative activists say Trump has changed the party. The populist edge he’s brought to campaigning is clearly something that is resonating with small donors on the right.”

It should be noted that small-dollar donations make up 77% percent of the Sanders campaign… far-and-away the largest percentage by any Democrat.

But the next time Sanders look into the camera and says Trump and Republican Party is only made up of rich, wealthy donors… it’s a LIE!

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