Obama “Sleeper Agents” Taking Down Our Nuclear Shield?

Gary McIntyre

Imagine America’s entire power grid shut down in the blink of an eye.

Traffic lights go dark… life-saving machines at hospitals stop working… your home is without heat and power.

America is literally plunged back into the 1800s.

That’s the kind of scenario that could develop from an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack.

Now, a top nuclear researcher and former Central Intelligence Agency official is warning that America is more vulnerable than ever to an EMP attack from a rogue foreign state like North Korea.

And Obama Administration employees who have burrowed their way into the federal government are to blame.

EMPs are released when nuclear weapons are detonated at high altitude. The explosion creates “pulses” that cripple electricity, online services, and even the electronics in airplanes.

And the nuclear missiles don’t need to be particularly accurate for an EMP attack to work. Politicians like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have warned for years that America is unprepared for an EMP attack.

But the Congressional EMP Commission, which is charged with researching the issue and helping bolster America’s EMP defenses, was shut down in September.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who served as chief of staff of the Commission, says it was sabotaged by Obama Administration holdovers still operating in the Department of Defense.

These Obama “sleeper agents” were certain that Hillary Clinton would win last year’s presidential election. Now, as Pry first told WND, they’re doing everything they can to sabotage policies Trump supports, like EMP defense.

And while Congress drags its feet on approving new Trump appointees, the problem is only getting worse.

“The people who sabotaged the EMP Commission, Obama holdovers, are still at the Department of Defense,” he said. “Our society, the Trump administration and the people who voted for Trump are paying for the failure of Congress to support Trump appointees quickly.”

While America will hopefully never suffer from an EMP attack, the problems it could create – like food shortages – are too important to be subjected to political games.

And crippling America’s defenses to lash out at a president you don’t support is a horrifying move that puts Americans everywhere at risk.

“That’s no way to provide for the national security of the country against an existential threat like EMP,” Pry said.



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