Obama Busted Using Illegal Slush Fund


It was practically a shadow government, operating with its own funds and its own sets of rules.

Under former President Barack Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency amassed a fortune of $1.55 billion in shady money.

But the cash wasn’t used to help the American people.

It was used to defy the law and advance Obama’s pet policies… even against the will of Congress.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a pro-business policy group, is demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions end the Obama-era practice that basically created a billion-dollar “slush fund” for the EPA.

Here’s how it worked…

The EPA and Department of Justice would sue or fine companies and organizations for violations of environmental regulations, such as the Clean Air Act.

But instead of handing the settlement cash over to the Department of the Treasury, where it could be appropriated by Congress, the EPA kept the money for itself.

And it used it to advance Obama pet policies that Congress chose not to fund. It was a slush fund at best… a shadow government at worst.

Over the years, the EPA allocated $1.2 billion of the settlement cash to fund something called “electric vehicle infrastructure.” All while America’s ACTUAL infrastructure… like roads and bridges… was collapsing.

And some of the initiatives under the electric vehicle program had already been specifically rejected by Congress.

Another $300+ million went to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects coveted by Obama.

While the practice technically began in 2005, as the Competitive Enterprise Institute points out, nearly every dime of the $1.55 billion was raised under Obama.

And there seems to be no doubt that it’s illegal.

As the Competitive Enterprise Institute points out, “Congress has never delegated authority or appropriated money for the EPA to fund and oversee projects for renewable electricity generation, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles.”

So what will become of the Obama-era EPA slush fund now? Based on President Donald Trump’s well-known hostility toward the EPA acting beyond its regulatory authority, its days could be numbered.

But don’t expect a tax refund in the mail.

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