New Scandal ROCKS 2020 Dem (Hint: It’s NOT Joe Biden)

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Lies, scandal and corruption… those are the pillars plaguing the 2020 Democratic candidates.

And it seems to hit them just as soon as their reaching the top spots.

Take Mayor Pete Buttigieg for example…

The Daily Wire reported that the progressive candidate is facing another scandal, this time involving the black community after new reports indicated Buttigieg falsely claimed to have endorsements for his plan to reach out to the black community.

Here’s the thing… According to the report, Buttigiegs’ campaign used a stock photo from Africa to depict African-Americans, and falsely claimed that the plan had support from hundreds of black voters, who were actually white.

Buttigieg has already struggled to gain votes from the black community because of his poor leadership as mayor of South Bend, including his handling of an officer-involved shooting.

The 2020 candidate is now facing even more backlash over his plan called “The Douglas Plan: A Comprehensive Investment in the Empowerment of Black America,” which covers criminal justice reform, education, health care and more.

But the problem started when his campaign released a list of 400 black South Carolina voters which Buttigiegs campaign claimed promoted his plan… but according to the report – half the list was white…

Even worse, the Daily Wire reported that three of the top voters Buttigieg claimed supported his plan, said his campaign was dishonest and gained even more scrutiny when the campaign push used a misleading stock photo… and was questioned about it.

According to The Intercept, the woman in the photo was found saying, “Am the ‘woman’ featured on that photo by githiri Nicholas. What’s the meaning of the message accompanied by the photo? Have no idea of what’s happening…”


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